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Hello all and welcome to one of the BatFam March sessions. As promised in a session last year we have come back to the continued adventures of the Super Sons: Damian and Jon. So let’s get going

Of you’d like to join us here at BatFam (@RenegadeRobinsClub) speak to Alfred, who will get you all outfitted for heroing.

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What to Read

Discussion Point

  • What did you think of these adventures so far?

Batman’s Casefiles

  • **April:**Adventures of the Super Sons

  • **May/June:**Batman Beyond

  • **July/August:**Celebration of BTAS


I’m glad they did this revival series. No offense to Aged-Up Jon fans, but it felt like they threw away a good thing too fast.


Such a great series! Love The Gang, and how Joker Jr. is a hero! Very unique!

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I have to agree with you there @AlexanderKnox. I was sad to see Jon get aged up so fast since I was enjoying this team up a lot. Talk about wasted potential.