A Post For Us to Just Thank DC For Black Label!

Collecting comics is fun…SOOOOOO much fun! But ever since I’ve been collecting again it’s been like I’m just chasing that child-like giddyness from when I was collecting as a kid.

Now there’s these Black Label books and after reading one of their most recent books I was all like:
“YEAH! THAT’S how comics should make me feel! THAT was a good f**king book!!!”

Thank you DC for putting out some real awesome stuff!!!


Thank you for all the amazing stories and the ones yet to come. Just picked up Joker: Killer Smile today can’t wait to read it. Give Jeff Lemire anything he wants. Best writer/artist in the business.


You bought yourself an AMAZING book right there!!! It’s going to


I haven’t read many of the DC Black Label books yet (in fact I think I only have the first issue of Superman: Year One and the first issue of Last Knight on Earth), but from what I hear they are really good! Which book from Black Label did you read, if you don’t mind me asking? I love collecting comics too and am always on the hunt for a new superb book!!


What got me so excited today was Joker: Killer Smile, but they’re all SUPER good!!!

I just finished Suoperman: Year One and the only negative thing I have to say is that I had to remind myself the main character is a wholesome farm boy.

I’m currently LOVING Harleen and Joker\Harley.

Last Knight on Earth is SUPER RAD!!! But they’re lagging on new issues.

And Curse of the White Knight RAWKS!!!


Ooooohh COOOL!! I’ll check that one out for sure!

Nice! Yeah, I had mixed feelings about the first issue of Year One and I haven’t read the last two issues yet, but I think it would be worth finishing it!

I NEED to check those two series out!!

I’m glad to hear Last Knight on Earth picks up! I was a little disappointed in the first issue, but if it gets better than I’m all in!!! Even if they are lagging haha.

I’m so so so mad at myself for not having read either White Knight series!! I just have been distracted with keeping up with my regular series that I haven’t had time to get into Murphy’s work. But I’ve heard it’s legendary!!

Happy reading and collecting friend!!


Just read 1st issue of Basketful of Heads​:black_heart: Thank you so much Joe Hill and DC! I love it when a favorite authors work is perfectly complimented with an artist. Excited to see what other genre writing buddies Hill brings on board. Really looking forward to this Hill House Universe!


What Black Label title should I read first? I haven’t read any DC Black Label comics yet.

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Seriously thank you DC. This is the best thing to happen to comics, for me, in years. I don’t mind not enjoying the main bat-titles when Black Label is giving me consistently great stories each month.


If you’re a collector get your hands on Damned. IMO: It should have been two issues longer but its the first book they put out and the art is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Everything I follow is blowing up with how good Basket Full of Heads is but I haven’t read it yet. I’m saving it for my nite off.

Joker: Killer Smile is what inspired this post.

Joker: Killer Smile #1 and Basket Full of Heads #1 just hit shops today so you shouldn’t have trouble getting your hands on those.


Everything is blowing up with how good that book is. I’m sitting on it until my nite off…SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!


Just read the first issue of Joker/Harley Criminal Sanity tonight, and Kami Garcia continues to blow me away! And super great for Halloween vibes :slight_smile:


I’ve read Batman: Damned, Joker/Harley criminal sanity, All Star Superman and Harleen. I just read issue #2 of Harleen last night and it’s really good.
I love the Black Label Comics


I’ve read;
Batman: Damned - Really really loved it. The artwork is AMAZING. hot take I did not think the Batman P was too much. haha,
Batman: Curse of the White Knight - Vol 1 - I can’t freaking wait for the next volumes. This is one of my all-time favorite stories. It shook me to my core!

I love Black Label! I am waiting for the graphic novels - then I’ll keep up my reading.

QUESTION: Has anyone been reading/buying the ‘reprints’ of older stories? Are they worth buying? I have some already, and I did not plan on buying them since I am assuming not much changed. If you have, can you share some insight on differences? Reasons to buy if you already have the original?

You hit the nail right on the head. I loved comics as a kid, and well got involved in life and lost touch, but now I have just fallen in love all over again. And as far as Black Label; it’s Batman, The Last Knight on Earth.

Joker’s head in a jar.


I’m looking forward to all the Black Label suggestions so far. But a Basket Full of Heads? That’s just crazy (he says as he searches for) :

Nothing is too crazy for DC Universe.

Keep that child-like giddyness @hashtag-goodtobejo, Keep collecting comics, and remember:


I’ve collected a lot of DC’s omnibus editions. Kirby’s Kamandi, the OG Titans vol. 1, The Flash vol. 1-3 (there’s no 4 :frowning_face: ) JLA Silver Age vol. 1 and Bronze Age vol. 1-2 (they cancelled 3 :sob: ) and the Detroit Era. They’re great can’t wait to get more of my favorites. :smiley:

Oh, to answer all your questions. These omnibus’ are great, so are the Archives if you can find them, and the story arc TPBs. Sometimes, the art is even better than the originals (depending on how far back in reprints you go - i.e. 4-color dot ‘matrix’ printing from 20th century). If you already have the original books I wouldn’t buy reprints. Personally, I buy the reprints to rebuild my old collection, which would be far too expensive to re-purchase, much less have an entire room to dedicate (to storage) *For Library purposes *


I love that picture!!!

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Reasons To Buy:
I have stories I like to go back to and rather than wearing out my books, I buy the trades so I can keep my collection crispy. One trade I often go back to is Death of the Family. That is the Joker that got me excited about comics again.



Hey yall, sorry, I re-read my comment, and it’s not what I mean (I guess I should have had more coffee before asking it).

I mean the black label ‘re-releases’. I already some of them (original prints - graphic novels), but I am wondering if there’s extra stuff in these BL re-releases, e.g., like an omnibus has a bunch of awesome stuff added to it + the size makes it worth buying in this version.


Well, I can’t speak personally about Black Label, but I did by Crisis on Infinite Earths 2-1/2 times now (I’ve been vacillating on the latest deluxe mondo-condo edition; but it’s pretty much bought) because of the extra stuffin the re-releases. Had @hashtag-goodtobejo just gave a brilliant idea for buying TPBs (duh :roll_eyes: I’ve worn out a couple books re-reading them). Hope that’s a better answer to your intended question.

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