You're The New Head of DC Studios and You Have To Make The Worst DC Slate Ever. How Would You Do It?

I often see in discussions especially before the slate was announced, where fans created their own DC slates and it seems that most people are pretty happy with the announced slate. So just for fun, how would you create the worst DC slate ever? One that would make the fans despise you.


Oh that’s an good idea. Lol :laughing:

Controversial take would be to allow Josh Wendon to work on Batgirl, give Ezra Miller another Flash movie, and adapt Doomsday Clock and crisis on Infinite Earths into the big screen.

  1. Section 8 film
  2. Condemant King tv show or film
  3. Matter Eater Lad
  4. Batmite Vs Mxyzptlk dawn of justice
  5. Nitemite
  6. Ambush bug
  7. The Detachable Kid begins
  8. Kiteman live action film
  9. Codpiece Blast from the Past
  10. Team them all up together in a Just for Laughs film

Give every hero new secret identities and black and white costumes.


Bring Ryan Reynolds back for a green lantern universe

  1. Codpiece: The Motion Picture
  2. George Clooney is Batman again. Permanently.
  3. Color Kid TV series.
  4. Red Bee the Movie
  5. Bat-Mite The Animated Series.

The post said worst, not best

  • Batman but it’s just 2 hours of his parents dying on a loop
  • Nazi Superman. Not Overman, but Clark still raised in Kansas except he thinks H*tler had a few good points
  • Wonder Woman as a '50s housewife
  • The Flash: The Slowest Man Alive
  • Green Lantern Corps but they all get defeated by Condiment King hitting them w/ mustard
  • Plastic Man but it’s nothing but his sex crimes (I wish I was making that up)
  • Vixen using her animal powers not to fight crime but to hunt other animals
  • Joker coming into existence w/out Batman- oh wait people actually liked that
  • White Cyborg

… I wouldn’t even be mad if this was the actual slate lol.


To the people on DC reddit this is the nightmare.

  1. Batman

  2. Batman II

  3. Batman III

  4. Batman IV

  5. Batman V

  6. Batman VI

  7. Batman VII

  8. Batman VIII

  9. Batman IX

  10. Batman X

  11. Batman XI

  12. Batman XII


I feel like starting a new DC movie slate the way I started reading DC comics again as an adult, by jumping straight into Infinite Crisis, would be hard to top in terms of bad, bad ideas.


Now that Crisis on Infinite Earths has been done on television and they’re making several animated movies, I’d say we do it again as a live-action film. And to save money on screenwriters, it will be word-for-word the dialogue from the comic. So lots of characters dropping their own names as a means of identifying everyone (“So says Kite Man!”)


On that note, I think having a narrate read the text box captions would be an interesting twist for a movie.


Yes! You could have Alec Baldwin interrupt to just say “Meanwhile…” !


Harley Quinn film trilogy

The Question TV series (Vic dies in the first episode and is replaced by Montoya)

25th Bat family show where batman doesn’t appear because the higher ups won’t let us use him

Dark Knight Trilogy legacy sequel (Christopher Nolan has zero involvement and there’s a CGI Heath Ledger)


I’d put Disney in charge. Specifically JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy. I might suggest the following though:

Harvey Bullock: The Movie

Batman Mask of the Phantasm (but with live action CGI Adam West as Joker and CGI George Clooney Batman.)

Orion: The Motion Picture (but with no Darksied)

Professor Pyg: The Movie

Jared Leto’s The Creeper: The Movie

Wonder Tot: The Movie

The Amazing Black Spider: The Movie

Ravager: The Movie (about Grant Wilson, no Teen Titans and minimal Deathstroke)

Perry White: The Movie

Batman: The Wedding

Batman: 66 remake with Ben Affleck

That sounds good actually…

I don’t think this was a competition but somehow this still wins.


And the villains are a savage gang of movie executives who send films straight to Max rather than showing them in the theater

Yes! Sell the whole division to Disney - that’s the ticket! And then Disney can promote their lesser-known IPs by teaming them all up with Batman. First up: Batman and the New Mutants!


Let’s go with the pre-DCEU idea of kicking off the cinematic universe with a Green Lantern film, but this time, it’s a Kyle Rayner movie adapting his encounter with Major Force from GL #54-55. Then we get a Superman movie, but it’s an adaptation of the Sleez story from Action Comics #592-593. From there we get a Batman movie, but it’s an adaptation of Fortunate Son. Next up is a Wonder Woman movie, but it’s an adaptation of her Taco Whiz days in WW #73. This all builds to a Justice League movie, but it’s an adaptation of Identity Crisis.

Audiences: “Can’t we get back to something more upbeat, like BvS?”





I just thought of something. I announce Henry Cavill back as Superman after Black Adam, saying that I’m committed to Cavill’s Superman and the development of Man of Steel 2. Then I pull a Gabe Newell and just gradually become more silent about it and stop talking about it.