Your top new release comics for the week of 12/19/18.

What are your most anticipated new releases this week? Mine are:

-Aquaman #43
-Damage #12/Justice League #14
-Freedom Fighters #1

…and from last week, Goddess Mode #1.

What are your top picks for this week?

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I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on American Carnage #2. Also I agree that Freedom Fighters looks like a fun read. I don’t have a huge knowledge of the characters but I am down for anything James Tynion IV and Eddy Barrows do.

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I might get Aquaman 43 since the new creative team

is Damage #12 really necessary? There’s been maybe 2 good issues of it.

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Freedom fighters is awesome.

American Carnage #2

Goddess Mode is worth the read.


Freedom Fighters #1 has got my interest, should I buy it? I normally don’t like buying single issues. I see it’s only 20 pages

Freedom Fighters isnt a one-off. Its a 12 part maxiseries. Should be an entertaining series.

Yeah, I usually wait and buy the graphic novel, that’s the whole point. My question is for anyone reading it, is the story good enough to warrant buying it in single issues?

I’d say yes.

A. In single issues, you get to follow it while the story is unfolding, fresh and people speculate about what comes next.

  1. You don’t have to wait until sometime in say, spring or summer 2020 when the trade will come out (year long series, plus a few extra months) to read it. You can do that now.

Your choice, but I recommend reading it as it comes out.