Your Top 5 DC Shows

Whether animated or live action, what are top 5 favs right now? For me it’s easily…

Batman The Animated Series
Superman The Animated Series
Justice League Unlimited
Justice League
Young Justice


How is Titans #1 already? Lol

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  1. Supergirl
  2. Justice League Unlimited
  3. DC Superhero Girls
  4. Legion of Superheroes
    1. Teen Titans
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Batman:The Animated Series
Batman ‘66
Lois and Clark:The New Adventures of Superman

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  1. Justice league
  2. Justice league unlimited
  3. Teen titans
  4. Young justice
  5. Batman: the animated series
  1. Batman ‘66
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Batman: The Animated Series
  4. Lois & Clark
  5. The Adventures of Superman

Lots of good choices. Glad to see some Lois&Clark picks as it’s in my top 10!

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  1. Young Justice. 2. Justice League. 3. Justice League Unlimited. 4. Batman Beyond. 5. Smallville

Top 5:

  1. Batman TAS
  2. The New Batman Adventures
  3. Justice League Animated Series
  4. Justice League Unlimited
  5. Superman Animated Series

Basically the DCAU makes up most of my top 10 just about if I kept going lol

Honorary Mentions :

  1. Batman '66
  2. Lois & Clark
  3. The Flash (Both 90’s & CW)


Why do some people like JL over JL Unlimited? Both are awesome but overall I have to pick Unlimited over it or at least from what I remember

  1. Young Justice
  2. Justice League
  3. Teen Titans
  4. Smallville
  5. The Batman

Teen titans go!!! Haha jk
Legends of yesterday(legends of tomorrow)
Old justice(young justice)
Titans and thats all.

I stopped watching cartoons decades ago so my choices would be…

Supergirl , Flash , Legends of Tomorrow , Gotham …uh … can’t say since every other one I think of is Marvel, so tag Black Lightning to the end of the list.

I like to keep animated and live action separate

  1. Arrow

  2. Smallville

  3. The Flash

  4. Gotham

  5. Lucifer (if you count vertigo imprint) otherwise Krypton

  6. Batman: TAS

  7. Young Justice

  8. JL

  9. Teen Titans

  10. JL Unlimited


My picks are easily

  1. Young Justice
  2. Justice League/Unlimited
  3. Teen Titans
  4. Batman The Animated Series
  5. Static Shock

Honourable mentions are Superman The Animated Series, Legion of Superheroes, Batman Beyond, Green Lantern the Animated Series and Constantine


Justice League/JLU
Young Justice
The Flash

  1. Batman Animated Series
  2. Arrow
  3. Teen Titans
  4. Young Justice
  5. Batman Beyond

Justice league/Unlimited
Young Justice
Teen Titans
The Flash
Titans hopefully makes it after season 1 lol

The flash
Legends of tomorrow

I’m still surprised Titans is already in the top 5 for some people but it definetly has potential though