Your Personal Roadmap for the DCEU

Warning! Entering TLDR territory

Let’s face it the DCEU/World’s of DC is in shambles. So many projects are up in the air, others are on the verge of cancellation, new films are announced every other week without a star/director/writer involved. This film-verse is NOT on a solid foundation. But would YOU do to change that if you could? How would you have turned the DCEU into a phenomenon that can rival the MCU?

Here’s my road map of how I would have done the DCEU if I were its “Kevin Feige” if you will:

1.) Man of Steel- I would change very little about Man of Steel, personally because it’s still my favorite DCEU film thus far. I might ask Zack Snyder to lighten the tone up, just a little and maybe let Henry Cavill actually smile, but that’s about it.
End Credits- a planet detonates, Brainiac’s skull ships flies by, inside a holo-map sets a course for Earth.

2.) The Batman- I think this was Zack Snyder’s original intent. Introduce the new Batman first. Touch upon the events of Man of Steel, even keep that amazing opening, but keep the focus on Batman/Bruce Wayne and the man he’s become. For the main story, I would adapt “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth”.

3.) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice- DO NOT GIVE THIS FILM THE BURDEN OF KICKSTARTING A FILM UNIVERSE! Recast Lex Luthor and make him the main villain- my personal pick would be Michael C. Hall. Let Snyder make a film in which a non-Zuckerman-ish Lex manipulates Batman into killing Superman. The fight ensues as it did in the film. GET RID OF THE “MARTHA” SCENE! Make Amy Adam’s Lois Lane LESS annoying and in the way. After the fight, Batman and Superman realize they’re being played and the film then turns into the latter half of “Public Enemies” where Batman and Superman work together to combat Lex Luthor in a power suit.
End Credits- Bruce combs through Lex’s files and discovers the videos on the other members of the Justice League, the Mother Box, and zooms in on a photo of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and the others.

4.) Wonder Woman- Patty Jenkins basically crushed it here. The only thing I would change is Ares. David Thewlis should have only played his “mortal disguise”, but when he fights Diana, he should transform into someone more “godly”, like Sean Bean.
End Credits- keep the one revealed in the Blu-ray release concerning the Mother Box
5.) Aquaman- I have to see it first, but based on what has been show, James Wan’s doing fine.

6.) The Flash- I still question Ezra Miller’s depiction of the Flash, but for argument’s sake, let’s say his Flash’s mannerisms were the result of the Frankenstein forced-collaboration of the Snyder/Whedon Justice League, and he actually CAN do a good Flash. Touch upon his birth as “The Fastest Man Alive” via flashbacks and adapt “Flash vs the Rogues”.
End Credits- More of an epilogue, but at the end of the film, introduce Eobard Thawne, have him and the Flash race and before the Flash can catch him, Thawne escapes to the future.

7.) Shazam- I’m sure the movie coming out will be great, but make Black Adam the villain.

8.) Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps.- Honestly this is the movie where I think either a solo film or the “Lethal Weapon in Space” idea they pitched would be fine. Let’s go with former for now, since we need to make up for that crappy 2008 Green Lantern. I would cast Armie Hammer as Hal, and basically adapt the animated version of “Green Lantern: First Flight”. It might be “breaking the rules”, but I’d keep Mark Strong as Sinestro, as he was the best thing about that film and absolutely crushed it in the role. Make him go evil midway through the film and have a more heated and cinematic version of their sparring match in the original GL film as the final fight.
End Credits- The Guardians tell Hal they have detected Boom Tube and Mother Box activity on Earth and send him to investigate.

9.) Justice League- Keep the bones of the recent Justice League, but make some important changes. Superman is still alive and well and being the most Superman we’ve ever seen Henry Cavill be. He and Batman are “friends”, but Bruce is off investigating Luthor’s files, pinpointing the other members of the League, and discovering the presence of Parademons in Gotham. Supes’ finds one in Metropolis and the two of them decide they’re gonna need help. The League is formed piece by piece, with Cyborg being given a bigger spotlight as the technology presented in this film directly affects him. Steppenwolf remains the villain, but he is given a mocap actor and better dialogue. Get rid of all the scenes featuring that family in insert Eastern European/Russian village here, but keep the scenes involving Flash and Superman trying to out do one another in civillian rescues. End the film with Steppenwolf being dragged back through a boom tube after a devastating defeat, and Bruce taking the team to Wayne Manor and pulls a tarp off a table with the “JL” on it.
End Credits- Steppenwolf is brought to the Citadel on Apokolips, we see brief glimpses of Kalibak, Desaad, Granny Goodness, and finally Darkseid himself, who promptly punishes Steppenwolf for his failure.

10.) Man of Steel 2- Introduce Supergirl- played by Imogen Poots- and here’s where those end credits from MoS1 come into play. Basically an adaptation of Superman Unbound.

11.) The Batman: Under the Red Hood- Title says it all. This is what we all hope the actual “The Batman” will be anyway. I would cast Finn Witrock as Jason Todd/Red Hood, and this is where we introduce the DCEU’s Joker. I…would keep Leto, but I would give him a series of notes on what NOT to do. Also introduce Nightwing and cast Joseph Godron Levitt.

12.) Wonder Woman 84- It’s gonna be great. Nuff said.

13.) Justice League Dark- get del Toro back to direct.

14.) Suicide Squad- Okay, now who knows what SS would have been if the Studio didn’t meddle so much, but here’s what I would change. Tell Will Smith that he has to wear the mask more. If he refuses, get someone that is actually willing to ACT. Keep that opening montage introducing the Sqaud, but don’t focus so heavily on Deadshot and Harley; every gets equal brief intros- this is the Suicide Squad, not Will Smith featuring the Squad. Do not introduce Enchantress AT ALL. Make Captain and Boomerang a second leading man and again, if Will Smith complains, replace him. Make the Joker the villain, which will make Harley’s inevitable double cross even better, he’ll obviously mistreat her, which will make her decision to stick with the Squad all the more meaningful. Other notes- don’t make Killer Croc as racist stereotype, don’t give Boomerang a unicorn fetish for now reason, keep Slipknot just to kill him, do not be afraid to replace Will Smith if he cannot accept the fact that this is an ensemble film.

15.) Nightwing- I’m not too familiar with Nightwing stories, as I’ve not read any of the older stuff, but he definitely deserves a film. I’ll just say I enjoyed his first volume in the New 52

16.)Batgirl or Gotham City Sirens

17.) Justice League: Doom- basically a live action adaptation of the original story.

18.) Man of Steel 3: Death of Superman- Like Captain America: Civil War, this will basically be Justice League 2.5, but by this point the Death of Superman will have felt earned.

19.) Batman: Night of the Owls- Give us a chance to breath after the death of Superman, let his death sink in, and adapt one of the best recent Batman stories.

20.) Green Arrow

21.) Birds of Prey

22.) Green Lantern: War of Light- at this point, introduce Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner.

23.) Flashpoint Paradox- a tough order and will demand a 2.5+ hour run time, but cast Jeffery Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne and I’ll be happy.

24.) Lobo- some last-minute comedy before what comes next. Cast Mickey Rourke.

25.) New Gods- some context because I personally think Thanos could have gotten his own origin film, so why not Darkseid.

26.) Justice League: Darkseid War Part 1- Basically the Infinity War of this film-verse. Feature all or most of the characters we’ve seen up till now. Darkseid shows up, seeking to do what Steppenwolf could not, and find the Anti-Life equation that is possibly connected to the meta-gene that runs rampant on Earth. This film like Infinity War would end in tragedy and on a cliffhanger. I remember reading a couple years ago about a rumored Justice League trailer in which, Batman is driving the Batmobile and gets stopped by a powerful figure. He says “oh sh*” and that figure is revealed to be a bearded, long-haired Superman wearing a black suit, presumably under Darkseid’s control.

27.) Justice League: Darkseid War Part 2- The cap off to the first ten years of the DCEU(and yes I would be mad enough to make 27 films happen in 10 years lol) Obviously it will end with Superman returning to normal, Darkseid being defeated, losses being mourned mantles being passed, like The Flash and Green Lantern(there’s four of them, we can lose one or two).

After this…who knows?


2018: Aquaman

April 2019: Shazam

November 2019: Wonder women 1984

June 2020: Green Lantern Corps

November 2020: Birds of Prey

February 2020: Black Adam

April 2021: The Batman

June 2021: Flashpoint

November 2021: Suicide Squad 2

May 2022: Man of Steel 2

November 2022: Shazam vs Black Adam

February 2023: Martian Manhunter

May 2023: New Genesis

December 2023: Justice League: Invasion

March 2024: Aquaman 2

October 2024: The Batman 2

December 2024:Nightwing

February 2025: Wonderwomen 3

November 2025: Green Arrow

May 2026: Man of Steel 3

December 2026: Flash 2

May 2027: Justice league 3: Brainiac


Holy comic book movie Truth! WB needs to hire you and let you do your thing. That’s awesome.


Thank you. In a perfect world, fans like us would have more of a say, instead of cold execs who focus more on bottom lines and dollar signs.


In addition to what’s already in production, I’d like to see these in the near future:
Man of Steel 2 (with a Supergirl Intro in the end credits)
Green Lantern Corps (include Jessica Cruz, we need more ladies kicking butt!)
Martian Manhunter
Justice League 2

If they made a Batman trilogy, then I would want the second movie to be called: Batman: A death in the Family

Like I did in my roadmap, I would want them to do a new genesis movie before the second Justice league with darkseid

Well, I figured a New Gods movie would cover that.

I forgot to add: Katana and Zatanna

I don’t know if those two are big enough for solo films.

Batman had a trilogy in the DCEU. He shared stories in BvS, Suicide Squad, and Justice League.

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PISCES: “I’m against dropping all episodes at once because I don’t have time to watch.”

(Goes on to write 50,000 comments)

Taking five minutes out of my day or my work break to throw my two cents here and there proves some imaginary point you have? Are you stalking me? How do YOU make time for binge-watching when you stalk people on forums?

It’s not in shambles based on Birds of Prey, Aquaman, Shazam, WW84, GL Corps, and The Flash looking at a 2020 release date.

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Henry smiled a couple of times in MoS. The tone was fine. There is more to Superman than smiling. There’s more to him than what Superman 1978 could provide, imo.

Martha wasn’t a bad scene. It just pointed out Batman’s PTSD and how he realized he had become no different than the guy who killed his parents.


This feels more like fan service a la the later MCU films and mish mashing stuff we’ve seen already than real storytelling which I think Snyder did the latter of, imo. That’s not how you keep these characters fresh or memorable and it’s definitely not how they stood the test of time.


ANerdWonder is right