:bluebeetle: 📘 Your Guide To The Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle 📘 :bluebeetle:

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The :fireworks: :sparkler: Blue Beetle movie :sparkler: :fireworks: is here, @JusticeLeagueBookClub! :partying_face:

To celebrate this momentous occasion, let’s check out assorted milestone firsts of DC’s latest cinematic hero:

:blue_heart: The first appearance of Jaime Reyes:

:bluebeetle: The first appearance of Jaime as Blue Beetle:

:boom: Jaime’s first ongoing series:

:00_justice_league2: Jaime’s first adventure in the company of the Justice League:

First times are great (you never forgot them, after all), but if you’re asking “Where are Jaime’s latest adventures?”, the answer to that query can be found here: :point_down:t2:

:stop_sign: Bonus Reads :stop_sign:

The following feature Conrad Carapax, a primary antagonist of the Blue Beetle movie, as seen in the pages of Blue Beetle when Ted Kord (Jaime’s predecessor, for any unaware) rocked the mantle:

Carapax’s first appearance:

Later appearances of Carapax:

ALSO: Don’t forget that Jaime’s ongoing adventures begin anew in September as part of :fireworks: Dawn of DC :fireworks:.

Here’s a look at the snazzy main cover for Blue Beetle (2023) #1 (on-sale 9/5/23):


Whether you’re new to Jaime Reyes and his superhero adventures because of the Blue Beetle movie, you’ve been a fan of Jaime’s since Day One in late 2005, or you fall somewhere in-between, chime in with your favorite picks from above and why they made you soar with delight just as Jaime soars in his Blue Beetle suit…once he gets the hang of flying in it, that is.