your favorite DC hero

So I’m new here and I’ve read DC comics before not as hard core as most but fairly knowledgeable I guess. My favorite has always been Batman and his extended universe. But I’ve been looking for something fresh and new. What’s your favorite DC here and why? Any recommended good books?

I am with you, @rlouischarles.90838! Batman has always been my guy! That being said, I am obsessed with Batman’s villains. Joker, Harley, Harvey, Ivy etc all have a special place in my heart.

What appeals to you about the residents of Gotham City?

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Well I think batman white knight is a great book, if you love batman than this is a good read , the writer has alot of love for batman and it shows , but outside batman I’d recommend the new teen titans run or some older green lantern !! Space cops are always fun

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