Your Favorite Batman Animated Series Title Cards

Like many of you I grew up watching Batman the Animated Series. I loved it then and I still do now. As an adult I now have a greater appreciation for the writing, voice acting, and the astounding artwork that this groundbreaking show spoiled me with as a kid.

One of my favorite aspects are the absolutely incredible and beautiful title cards that appear in front of most of the episodes. I love so many of them, but which are your favorites?


I always loved “Beware the Gray Ghost” and “Two-Face pt 1” They were simple designs that effectively used negative space. They were burned into my brain as a kid.

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I like the “Almost Got 'Im” title card because it sums up the story perfectly and the title card for “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?” because the maze references the labyrinth from the Riddle of the Minotaur game which is a plot point in the episode, and it has a hidden question mark in the center which is the emblem of The Riddler.

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Love the title card… hate the opening dream sequence…



Harley’s Holiday

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I am the night, Dreams in Darkness (Fav episode I think too many good ones not sure), and BANE

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