Your favorite bat symbol

Which bat symbol is your fav? I gotta go with Batman Arkham


I like the Batfleck symbol honestly. I like the placement on the chest. Broad, just looks tough. I think that whole suit is awesome.

My favorite is the Hush bat symbol I think it may be referred to as symbol IV ( if someone knows please share) I don’t think it originated with the Hush story but I really like the look

New 52

The Arkham series symbol just reads Batman straight away to me.

Harley Quinn’s bat symbol in Injustice 2.

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New 52. Rebirth bat symbol was cool too.

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Love the Beyond symbol.


The traditional one used on the 1989 poster (not suit)
Then the BvS one

The ones on JIM APARO’s Batman

Big fan of the suit symbol from 89

89’s suit symbol is great but always liked Returns and Forever’s more

The Arkham games symbol is probably my favorite