Your DC week

Are there certain days of the week that are DC specific to you in some way?

Lately, my week with regards to DC goes a lil’ bit like this:

Sunday: Supergirl on the CW.

Monday: new Comixology sale. I don’t buy from every sale they have, but I still like to stay abreast of what can be had for a good deal.

Tuesday: new comics on DCU, The Flash on CW.

Wednesday: new comics in general.

Saturday: Saturday Morning Watch-A-Longs.

I’m not including home video releases, theatrical releases or most Watch-A-Longs as most of those can vary by day (with the exception of home video releases which are almost always on a Tuesday).

Is there anything in your fan experience that relates to the above? I’m curious what other people’s perspectives are.

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Friday’s for DCU new series watch-alongs

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Yes, that’s a good point. The Friday WALs are a locked in stone deal. adds that to his list

I forgot this one, but Thursday is when new digital back issues come out.

That covers the whole werk then. Anyone else? I doubt JL and I are the only ones =)

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DC Daily Everyday, Backround DCU all day everyday, Friday/Sat Catch up on new content.

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On school days Monday-Friday I would watch anything dc and on the weekends dc video games and reading comics.

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