Young Justiceverse

This season is (1) awesome; and (2) shows that there is too much awesomeness for one show. I think much like the Arrowverse, we need a Young Justiceverse that allows for different teams, characters, and tones/genres to develop in richer and in-depth ways, while still having larger plot threads that bring them together for cross over episode and guest star episodes.

Honestly, this could be the biggest thing in super hero animation in a long time. Loving it!


I agree, they should have a crisis in the animated films, and have the movies going forward take place in the YJ universe.

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I’ve been focused on trying to find out if we can get a season 4 in the works somehow, but a movie(s) might be even better. Sometimes the pacing is too quick in each individual episode for me, especially since there tends to be like 2+ storylines happening at once.

100% signed off. Not only does this show need 10 more seasons, we need as many comic and TV and movie spinoffs as DC can possibly green light. I’d watch or read anything set on this Earth as long as Weisman and Vietti are involved.

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