Young Justice Summer of the Couple Poll

Oh, X’HAL. Today’s poll has me sweating. How DARE DCU make me choose between my ships! This is literally a harder choice for me than the Democratic primaries right now. How are you voting?


I meant to say “Couple of the Summer” but I am SO DISTRAUGHT




I’m SUCH a big Oracle fan… but this show really made me fall hard for HaloForce. I’m pulling for those kids.


Of course they left out the BEST YJ couple this season. Forager & BioShip.

I don’t see Mm/SN lasting not Halo/Geo and Artimis just needs to move on already. OracWing will last past the summer.


Miss Martian/Superboy for life.

Geo Force will find out about Halo’s secret which will put them on shaky ground.

Artemis will move on soon.

Everybody knows Starfire is Nightwings bae.

MM & SB are the strongest couple👍🏻

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Every YJ season has its tearjerker moment, and S3 is gonna be Megan giving Connor back the ring.

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I voted for MissSuper. It was the only one that seemed like a sure bet.
I was so frustrated watching the new episodes of YJ and the trading of side glances between Will(Roy) and Artemis! Please bring Wally back this season and don’t let this be a thing! I really hope they don’t indulge in this plot and then bring Wally back. It would seem like unnecessary filler and just creating drama for no reason.

@Desade, care to make a cajun wager because one of us is gonna own some real estate on wrong mountain by the end of the season🤣

Not a relationship, but I like ForShip.

I also like SuperMiss.

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A Baby Cagey Wagey for a shack on wrong mountain it is.

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I want SuperMiss and HaloForce to work out the most, but I think OracleDick is the most likely to keep going. I think @DeSade is onto something with SuperMiss. It’s obvious Artemis will probably be with Will soon. And Halo’s secret will at least push Brion away for a while.

That said, I’m the least invested in Barabara’s and Dick’s relationship. But it also seems the least in jeopardy.

Young Justice spitfire

I’m so happy we got to see dick and Babs together they have always been my DC ODP. In the terms of my favorite young Justice couple that I need to stay together besides Dibs is supermartian I mean the proposal! I need to see this!

Since the question is which of these couples will LAST…

It kind of eliminates Wally/Artemis off the bat for, well, obvious reasons.

HaloForce could keep going, but they have a LOT of baggage right now that they have to deal with, and since it’s their first relationship, I’m not sure how well they’ll really handle it.

Dick and Oracle aren’t having any spats right now, but being part of a clandestine conspiracy which manipulates their peers and friends like pawns on a chess game might put undue stress on the relationship, especially if only one of them has a change of heart.

Which leaves SuperMartian – considering that they’re all good, no major stress messing them up, nothing looming over their heads and getting married soon, they’re most likely the ones to stay together…unless something kills off either of them…