Young Justice series,is it set in the past?

So kon looks young and with his old suit on,bart looks super young,Tim is wearing the Robin suit,not red robin.could bendis start out the YJ book in the past to fill in the history that is lost between these characters,and how they fit into the DCU? Then move to the present with them older and looking a lil different,a lot if you are Conner Kent.

Just a idea,any comments?

Anybody think bendis my start with the backstory of YJ,maybe after Tim actually remembers kon,instead of just hearing the name and wondering who he was and what he meant to him.

This could our way to have both the 90s and geoffs Conner work together and move forward

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Is it confirmed in continuity? I thought it was in a separate universe.

It’s confirmed to be in the YJ continuity. It will take place between Invasion and outsiders

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It is going to be written by Brian Bendis, so most likely it will be set in continuity while ignoring all continuity.

Continuity atleast for kon is a lil messy,so any chance we could have Tim remembering back when he was with YJ and letting us see them being together,and then shooting to the present knowing he has to find kon,and bart popping back up would be cool.

Course this is to clean of a way to make everyone happy and give a good continuity bridge for us fans to get from history to now and making sense to be used

I think if they do show kon older in the present they will keep the yellow around the S shield and give him back the black inside the S shield so he is essentially wearing the Fleisher shield.

While he is still young,it might look like this