Young Justice Season Three

So, we’re 6 episodes into S3, what are your thoughts so far ? I really like the new characters that have been introduced, and it seems the overall plot of The Light is really coming together in a very nefarious way. Now that Earth has been put on the Galactic spotlight they’ve entered into galactical arms deal, selling metahumans to Apokolips and I assume many more baddies. Let’s not forget that Warwold is presumably still under the control of Vandal Savage. All in all I’m very excited for what’s to come, but a little worried that this season won’t be enough to tell the end of the story that started back in S1 oh so long ago. Sure, I’d be very happy if a season 4 happened, but perhaps it would be better for it to be another cycle in our young heroes’ saga. The Light and it’s imposing menace has allowed for very compelling story telling, and it would be a shame if they kept on going forever, robbing us of the final epic showdown that would fill us all with glee.

I was so so on the first 3 episodes but the last three were really good and reminded me on why I was such a huge Young Justice fan and n the first place now I’m anxiously awaiting the next 3

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