Young Justice Season 4

When does Young Justice Season 4 drop? I’m going thru withdraw :weary::weary:


No dates announced yet. But in the meantime, have you read the canonical tie-in comics? They’re totally crash! Just check out Young Justice (2011) in the comic archives.


Wahhhh :weary: I’ve already binged watch all the seasons and read all the comics :cry:

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Well… why not try reading the 1986 Captain Atom series? It was written by Greg Weisman, one of the YJ showrunners.

Yeah that, or you can read Batman and the outsiders, which is similar.

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That’s true! Batman and the Outsiders was a major inspiration for Season 3. You might also want to read Invasion! and the 2006 Blue Beetle series, both of which inspired Season 2.

Gonna be awhile.

As of February 8th, Greg Weisman said that there are eleven scripts complete, alongside six voice records and zero animatics.

It was nearly six years between Seasons Two and Three; I can wait a bit longer for quality material. :slight_smile:

Yeah, quality animation takes a while to get going. I mean, as I recall, it took over three years for Harley Quinn’s 26 episodes to get made.

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And yet Disney will be getting The Mandalorian Season 2 (which is live action and CGI) out in far less time. I think that DCU has cash flow issues, so projects have to be spread out.

It also crosses my mind that the virus outbreak in Asia could have a delaying effect on the animation. Fans will just have to sit tight, pay their monthly subscription and wait. Clone Wars season 7 starts this Friday, of course that requires another subscription :slight_smile:

That’s so shway!

Live action, even CGI focused shows like Mandalorian takes way less time to make than animation. From what I’ve seen, an average animated show there’s at least a year just on pre-production.

The gap between seasons 1 and 2 of Young Justice was only one week. Lucasfilm had short gaps (3-4 months) between Clone Wars seasons, so sorry, no; there is no excuse for a year+ gap between seasons. As Greg Weisman tweeted, they don’t even have animatics yet. My guess is that these long gaps are due to budgetary issues, and they are having to spread the costs out over a year+.

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Much more likely that the first 2 seasons were pre-planned and budgeted for together so work was already proceeding on s2 while s1 was in development/airing, kinda like with the Harley Quinn show. You’re going to be waiting a lot longer of season 3 of that show too.

I can wait very long for quality material too fwiw. Rather it be good and late than disappointing because rushed.


I agree that I don’t want something rushed, but Lucas was able to crank out 5 seasons of Clone Wars in quick succession without compromising quality, so it can be done. I remain convinced that it’s a cash flow issue, DCUniverse has a very limited budget (because of a low subscriber base) and a lot of shows, so they have to spread them out.

And in the “good old days” seasons were 20+ episodes, not 8-12.

Anyway, I’m also willing to wait for quality, but a whole year gap between seasons seems excessive to me. And having big gaps guarantees nothing. I was mildly disappointed with the quality of animation in YJ3, though I’m hoping the next season will be better.

It would be nice if there was a target release date. I seem to recall from last year that Fall 2020 was a tentative time frame for season 4. Now there is nothing. I think that the endless deferral has more to do with a lack of budget than striving for quality. One thing is certain, Greg is getting a lot of time to work on YJ4 story boards. Here’s hoping it gets beyond that.

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I just binged all the episodes and feel the same way