Young Justice Season 4

There have been two articles on my news feed about YJ season 4 returning to Cartoon Network later this year. Just wanted to know if anyone else has heard of this and y’all’s thoughts.

Those articles don’t seem to cite any kind of reputable source. I wouldn’t put much stock in it.


I am assuming there will be a fourth season due only to the last scene in the last episode of season three when we saw a waitress wearing the flight ring of the Legion of Superheroes, a team based in the future. If that isn’t a setup for a great storyline I don’t know what is. Now if they do bless us with a fourth season I only hope they don’t jump ahead in time again. I was slightly dissappointed when season two began five years after season one ended. The same with season three, which was a good three years at least after the end of season two. If they do that with season four they will need a whole new cast of characters or the ones they have now will look ridiculous in a group called Young Justice.

Yeah, it was announced season 4 is being made, but I there seems to be reports on it being on CN. Just wondered if others have ran across these articles or not.

Those “reports” aren’t coming from any remotely reliable sites/sources. It’s not even being run outside of a couple of random places, so I wouldn’t put any stock in that happening. Season 4 will air right here just like season 3 did

I’ve only seen one site talk about this and they do not provide any credible information. I’m gonna say this is a rumor until I see different from a verified source.

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