Young Justice Season 1: What Do You Think?

Your review of season 1 specifically
Good, bad, great? Characters you liked and didn’t? Where you rank it among all 3 seasons?

I think young justice season one was the best. The show kinda went downhill from there, don’t get me wrong it was still great in season two and three, but I just love the general feeling of season one.

Also, the team was so small then, I think I liked it better with the limited amount of characters.

For some reason (and this is only on young justice, not in the comics) I like Dick Grayson better as Robin. Really feeling the aster.

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Loved all 3 seasons. Personally didnt enjoy the Time jumps, but I get it.

I rank them… Hmmmm… 1,3,2? Not sure… I want to say they are equally great

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I think the limited characters was a novelty that won’t be back as the roster keeps growing. It was cool seeing everyone develop and grow. The show generally does an amazing job at twists and turns. Did not see the Red Arrow being a double agent coming at all. Very well played.

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