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All I want is Wally to come back




I can’t wait for Wally to come back either. But of course now they’re trying to complicate things for his return by hinting at getting Will (Roy) and Artemis together. I mean, Will obviously still loves Jade, but I just feel like they’re setting up this awkward romance in this “love the one you’re with” situation. Hopefully I’m wrong and nothing pans out with that. There are so many great relationships and interesting new ones on the show that we just don’t need to go there.

My favorite new development is Gar and Queen Perdita (which came out of nowhere), but Connor and M’gann are interesting in this new era of their relationship as well, and it’s great to see Barbara and Dick together. (The Killing Joke apparently happened between seasons 2 & 3, but hopefully it was just the comic version and Barb’s fling with Batman was nothing but a bad dream.)

The action and storyline in this show are top notch, but the character development and relationships between the characters is what it does really well and keeps me interested.


One thing I still wonder is if they gonna make a jump in time to show us John and Damian as children or if they going to make them travel back in time.

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I love this show so much! But I would love to see them do more episodes involving magic. I love Zatana and Dr. Fate and I want to see more of them along with Detective Chimp and maybe Constantine.

Probably not the discussion you’re looking for, but I am an active anti-human trafficking advocate that has spent years in the research field on this subject. I was so excited that Young Justice was getting into this subject through “Metahuman trafficking” but have been severely disappointed with how brazenly they’ve approached such a delicate subject that could have made for some intense and amazing story-telling.

For example, trafficking victims are so wrought by abuse and exploitation that a phenomena occurs called Stockholm Syndrome - the victims develop a loyalty to their oppressors that is so intense that they will flea from rescue and go back to their captors and wind up sucked backed into the underworld; leaving immense challenges to those in my field that want so badly to rescue and rehabilitate them.

Taking something this and implementing it into a metahuman trafficking victim could have really built some significant depth and very DC-esque story telling to the character of Halo - who has instead been playing the same fish-out-of-water role along with Forager and Geo Force that has turned rather bland less than halfway through the season.

Again, I doubt this was the analysis you were looking for, but it’s frustrating how brushed-over the subject of human trafficking is to the general public and I had really put my faith in DC to make a statement on it.

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I’m excited to see if they do something with Red Hood. In Ep 6 of S3, there is one of the league of shadow members who recognizes Nightwing as “Grayson”. Could be a hint at Red Hood!

Also, in response to raycreigh.2703, aren’t they kind of doing what you’re saying with Tera? I know it’s not actually Stockholm Syndrome, but it’s a similar concept in that she is loyal to her captors, and acting as a double agent. I see what you mean that they’re not doing their best to show all of the sides of human trafficking, but I think they still have the “depth” that you said they’re lacking.


Terra is a great point @YoYoFroYo and I do hope her story hits the peaks and valleys of what I was saying. We’re only halfway through, so there’s still plenty of time for building something there since her arch came on late when she came to the aid of the team after fighting Holocaust. This did, after all, occur in the episode titled True Heroes if I’m not mistaken.

My only fear is that the story will bring her in a direction where the other team members don’t trust her or something and stay down that road of conflict, failing to get to a point in which they’re trying to help her but her allegiances keep changing.

I do appreciate her story in that they touched on the things trafficking victims are forced to do, but hope her role and the roles of the other victims/survivors of metahuman trafficking expand in the second leg of the series.

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Was anyone else annoyed that They had a Teen Titans GO! reference in one of the episodes? Episode 12 I think. Might be a tad bit petty but I was just really happy to have some actual character development and some storyline. The fact that they are even remotely part of the DCU and got a shout out, was/is unwelcome to me. Not that it truly matters what I think.

Next month the show is coming back. I can hardly wait right now.


@Gwynplain that my favorite parts of one of my episodes so far I loved that It didn’t feel petty at all and It was all in beast boy’s Head is you even watch the episode?

*Did you

When are there going to unlock more episodes?

July 2nd I believe


Super excited for this, almost forgot the anticipation of waiting for a favorite show to return haha!

Some of what I am hoping/looking forward to…

  1. Terra meeting BB, wonder if a love triangle will develop there.

  2. I am desperately hoping for a time jump with Jon and to see him interacting with Conner for the first time as his little bro!

  3. This is just a fan wish but can we get Conner either a flight ring (ala Mon-el in Supergirl) or a Ranninan jetpack already! I can totally see YJ Superboy tinkering with/“suping up” lol, his own jetpack with his mechanical skillset!

  4. Would definitely like to see a more in depth/accurate portrayal of the human trafficking sub-story too!

  5. A time jump with all 4 Robins, I don’t think we’ve ever seen that before in animation. Watching Bats trying to wrangle them all into a team, that’d be funny and epic!

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So, they’re releasing the rest of the season on a Tuesday, whilst Swamp Thing is still airing? Do you think they will still drop 3 episodes at a time?