Young Justice Outsiders: What happened to Dick during the two-year gap?

Was Dick Grayson an agent of Spyral during the two year gap between seasons 2 and 3 of Young Justice? In the second episode of YJO, Superboy and Lightening place cameras in the underground facility of the Markovian hospital. The view switches to the perspective of the cameras they placed, and both Lightening and Superboy are on screen. Through the eyes of the camera we see their faces… but instead of where their faces should be, lies the signature of the Spyral agency: warped spirals that are known for protecting the identity of agents involved with organization. I’m not sure with how this fits in with the timeline of Dick Grayson, but that can’t be a coincidence, right? I guess my real question is this: is this scene simply an Easter egg or does it mean that Dick spent some time with Spyral during the two-year time gap between seasons 2 and 3 and acquired some Spyral technology?

Could be, but in timeline it’s more then likely a result of working with Oracle. Plus Dicks always known how to use tech to its fullest advantage thanks to his mentor. However, when it comes to YJ I’ve learned never to say never. It’s the nature of the show to be capable of going any direction at any time, & it just works with that show. Regardless what changes they make to character backgrounds etc.

I’m sure there will be flashbacks in later seasons or explained in the comics

It did stuff with babs :wink:

2 year gap?

I think they’re mask’s are what do it if you look when the two metas are fighting a girl is videotaping on her phone an SB’s face did the same thing

Not sure bit the only thing I hate is the voice they gave him. He still speaks like a 14 year old when he seems like he is 17 or 18 year range

When it comes to Young Justice, there are no coincidences.

Dick was at least affiliated enough with Spyral for them to share technology with him. There is no doubt in my mind that he did something for them in return…

Regardless of the technology reveals a connection to Spyral in universe, it is a nod to Dick’s secret agent history. Dick was basically a secret agent traveling the world with eventual backup from Oracle.

It is likely the masks, since Superboy appeared clearly on the videotape when rescuing Brion (no mask).

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