You are teleported to metropolis. All you have to start with is your comic book knowledge, a smartphone with prepaid internet access, and 10,000 dollars for travel, preliminary resources etc. Can you take over the world?

Pretty much covered in the title. Can you use your wit, cunning, most likely lackluster physical abilities, and meta-universe comic book knowledge knowledge to take over the world? And if so, how?


Haha!! the world? …god no…pray that Metropolis PD catches you first before they call in Big Blue.


I know everyones weakness, identity, dark secrets, etc. I pal up with lex luthor and have him do all the heavy lifting (gathering a rogues gallery of all the bad ass villains) to form an army with all the resources and key knowledge neccesary and just wreck everyone, starting with those idiot speedsters that keep changing the damn timelines so they cant “go back” and fix things.

Once we establish dominance I play Luthors greed against the other villains, he kills them and then I wait and backstab him at the right moment, steal his tech and then build a mansion with a water fountain in the foyer with neon letters spelling out “The World is Yours”

Sound legit?


I’d use my internet access to find and travel to Gotham. I’d break out Poison Ivy and take her back to Metropolis before Batman finds out where we went. I’d tell her Clark Kent is Superman and have her secretly douse him in dormant spores and have them spread within the Justice League watchtower.

Oh, yeah. So, the Justice League will be under our control and Flash can spread plants that will release more mind controlling spores to the rest of the planet.

Wait, does Watchtower have like sensors and stuff? Guess I might as well dress Superman in a tux and hide the spores in a flower on said tux.