YJ Halo Fan Theory (SPOILERS)

I read online a theory that actually makes sense. Halo’s actually did die, but she houses the soul/mind of a Mother Box.

In episode 2, Conner mourns the loss of a Mother Box, which likely used in the metahuman activation process.

In episode 4, Dr. Fate had stated that Halo had an old soul, which substantiates this theory.

In episode 6, Halo knows a great deal about New Genesis, when her previous identity could likely not know about the New Gods (flashbacks confirm her history in this universe).

Also in episode 6, Halo mentions that she can communicate with Sphere (New Genesis technology), similar to how the Mother/Father boxes can work in tandem with Sphere during the first season of the show.

Someone online also mentioned that Sphere glows whenever Halo heals herself.

So basically, the Mother Box somehow transferred its essence and abilities (including healing, which was used to repair Sphere in Season 1) to the human body.

Given Halo’s comic book origins, this merger of human and alien makes sense, and is a good callback.

What do you think? I am certain that I missed other hints, so let me know what they are.


With YJ I wouldn’t say never to anything. However. Halos character in the comics glows, heals herself & much more w/o any motherbox involvement. She has a spectrum of powers that are in tandem with the colors she “glows” for lack of a better term, an aura surrounding her. She’s essentially a combo of 2 entities; a human female & A race of light bearing aliens called the Aurakles. She glows violet to self heal. That being said, it is YJ, & the New Gods are involved this season. So I wouldn’t be surprised if all, some , or none of that theory is correct, YJ spins on whatever they want & it always just works.

Well u called it. She’s motherbox infused. Which is why I said with YJ u never know & it makes sense with Kirby’s 4th world involvement this season. Good stuff tho, your theory proved to be true.

Looks like the theory was spot on. I dig it🤘🏻