A long time ago, for many of us, X-MEN was our favorite comic.

Then it became too complex, with time loops, and seeming hundreds of characters, many of which were related to each other, as sons or daughter.s.

Now one Graphic Novel trade, Extermination, closes the story of the original five members coming to the present, in a satisfactory mammer, as suggested by Bendis so many years ago.

Uncanny X-Men Annual 1, brings back another character from death.

Scott Summers is back, but he has not yet met Jean Gray.

It is very hard to read X-Men, because of the increase in number of characters. Paul Levitz did it in Legion of Superheroes, as having a main plot, and three other plot going on in the same time. Then when the main plot ended, he upped one of the other plots to main amd introduced another plot.

For many of us, it is too late to start reading X-Men stories again. There is no famous writer or artist, no great story arc beginning.

But just as there are many people who were very important in your life, who are no longer a part of it, you will always wish them well.

Cyclops admits he was wrong, and that is a very good thing. His true love is Jean Grey, which is even better.

Like the end of the movie X-Men Future Past, when Wolverine says to Jean, “You’re here?” Jean replies, “Where else should I be?” And then Scott appeared, next to her.

So soon it will be in the comics, after so long a time, wasted.

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Yeah I agree. I started reading in the mid 80’s. The Chris Claremont Uncanny X-Men run was one of the best comic book runs of all time.

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I also have to say that there dosen’t really seem like there are any good writers at Marvel right now that understand the X-Men. Back in the early 80’s to mid 90’s the X-men were Marvel’s power book. Now it seems like they have no idea what to do with them.


I’ve had the Marvel unlimited now for several years but I totally skip over the X-Men stuff pretty much except some single things like x-23 or Old Man Logan

You posted this here why exactly? Nothing against the X-men just seems stupid.

I actually jumped into XMen starting with Extermination. I’ve loved it so far even though I’ve been a bit lost at times

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I heard Xmen extermination and the current run of uncanny xmen was a good diving in point, since he covers all the basic of xmen plots in the first issue "therebut slowly been getting better as issue came out.

With that being said, I am happy that they are trying to fix the xmen.

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