Would you want Titans to do their own version of the Judas Contract?

I would want to see a live action take on the Judas Contract since it’s one my favorite story lines.

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I think it would be cool if they did their own version of the Judas Contract.

I think they are planning to, but, if they do, I would prefer it to be like the animated show, not movie.

Deathstroke is not as cool when he is chasing little girls. He is when he is ripping apart the Justice League.

Yes I do


I think that would be pretty cool!


Honestly, no.

I would prefer not to rehash/reboot any story lines, and tell original stories instead.

We’ve already seen the Judas Contract in the comics, in the cartoon series, and in its own animated movie. I liked all of those, but it is long past time to move on and stop telling the same story over again.


judas Contract worked because the new member being a traitor was a surprise.

Also when I visualize Tara, I see fantastic battle scenes, which would be very difficult to produce. Creating all those rock structures would be very expensive.

My proposal would be to introduce a new character, with a much more limited power set, with a shady past that not all members know about.

How about a version of Artemis, as in Young Justice?

We might have then four young members: Superboy, Rachel, Gar and Artemis, which could provide variations on the old Rachel/Gar pairing.

Superboy and Rachel as a potential pair, and Gar and Artemis as another pair

Superboy has a rather dark personality, attracting Rachel.

While Gar and Wally serve similar roles and personalities in the two animated series. Neither are the ladies man they think they are and their attempts can annoy, rather than attract.

Being that we’re getting some serious BbRae in Titans, I would pass on a Judas contract arc, since I would hate to see that ship get harmed

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About a year ago, I was very sad and read your Fan Fiction, 8 Years Later.

You gave Raven hope in the first chapter of your story, and then later happiness, and that made me happy reading it, for the many weeks I read it.

And it is a first rate story as well…

In the Fan Creation section, I have listed 8 Years Later as the first fan fiction to read. Previously, I had listed it as the first in my six best.

Thanks for every work I read and pointing me toward your favorites.

It is an honor to have you as a member.

I like Raven Gar too, but in some stories Raven has to be jealous to see Gar for all he is. And thanks for giving Tara a happy ending too.