Would You Rather: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Was a genuine question. I’ve never watched a single episode of Dr. Who. And yes, that was a genuine statement, not a joke :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for the summary. Doesn’t change my sentiment though, given the choice of course.


I chose the Sinestro team up 'cuz that scenario gives me a chance to prove my innocence afterward but more importantly keeps me connected to friends and family, even if they do view me as a villain (up until I can prove that I’m not). The B-Man scenario would take me away from them, and that’s something that I just couldn’t bear to endure.


I choose to team up with Sinestro, to save the people I care about, if people see me as a villain, so be it. Batman had to deal with it in The Dark Knight, same with The Green Hornet, so hopefully maybe someday I can be like Richard Kimble to clear my name and prove I’m innocent.:slightly_smiling_face:


Working with Sinestro would be nice. I would look good in yellow.


Working with Sintestro just so I can get that sweet, sweet redemption arc complete with a new costume and code name.