Would you like to see a Green Lantern TV show and who would you cast? I would cast Robert Buckley as Hal Jordan. You can include as many cast members as you want

And I would even say do 6 episodes so you can use great special effects and not go too crazy on the budget. I know it most likely wouldn’t happen but a fan could dream right? Lol


A GL series set in the Arrowverse where Hal can team up with his two best friends, Barry and Oliver.

  1. Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan
  2. Adrienne Palicki as Carol Farris
  3. Luke Evans as Sinestro
  4. Terrance Stamp as one of the Guardians
  5. John Kraskinski as the voice of Ch’p
  6. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Hal’s Jordan’s father
  7. David Ramsey as John Stewart
  8. Fred Tatasciore as the voice of Kilawog
  9. Catalina Sandino Moreno as Jessica Cruz
  10. Mark Strong as Abin Sur
  11. René Auberjonois as Saint Walker
  12. Jeremy Renner as Rankorr
  13. Ray Chase as voice of Atrocitus
  14. Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Dexstar
  15. Kelly Hu as Bleez
  16. Andy Serkis as Larfleeze
  17. John Dimaggio as voice of Mongul
  18. Jessica Nigri as Indigo-1

Daniel MacPherson. If you see any of his work you’ll see why. He is also a unknown actor which makes him a even better choice.

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:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:Green Lantern Corps deserves a live action film

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Have you seen the animated series it’s really good


Yes I’ve seen the animated series. It is good and very underrated


Frankly I’d just love to see the animated series make a comeback on DC Universe. With Josh Keaton, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jason Spisak, and Grey DeLisle back to play Hal, Kilowog, Razer and Aya respectively.

It’s not that crazy. Josh and Grey voiced those characters on Justice League Action, and Kevin Michael Richardson JUST reprised his role as Kilowog in Justice League vs. The Fatal Five.

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I feel like a TV show would be received worse than the initial Green Lantern movie. Plus, right now is a great time to be a Lantern fan. Geoff Johns is a smart guy and he’ll make sure to help the Green Lantern franchise gain more traction with audiences. Expect GREAT surprises in the near future. :100:

The Green Lantern Corps movie will be a great service for us all!

To do the special effects for the ring properly would require more money than I believe they are willing to pay for a TV show.

Jeff has a good point. It’s fun to imagine a live action Green Lantern show, but it would probably be too expensive :disappointed: Still not an excuse for why Hal Jordan hasn’t appeared on The Flash or Arrow yet. If they can animate Vixen’s spirit animals, and giant shark vs gorilla fights, you can bring in a Green Lantern for an episode or two. Especially since Hal’s best friends are Oliver Queen and Barry Allen! Such a missed opportunity!

A Green Lantern show would have to have a big budget (bigger than the CW) but I can see it looking along the lines of Star Trek Discovery. Balance it with a couple of Earth bound stories to keep the budget in check. I can even see the actor who playing Christopher Pike taking on the role of Hal Jordan. Or even use the show to focus on John Stewart or Guy Gardner (or both in a Lethal Weapon buddy cop style).

I’m under the impression that the reason why Hal hasn’t appeared on a show yet is they have been wanting to see how much of a demand there is first. That and waiting a little longer to recover from the audience criticisms over the years.

The only person i trust to do hal right is nathan fillion

Anyone over Hammer or Cruise lmao

Not familiar with Robert Buckley so I googled him and have to say he sure does have the look.