would the cw shows put there DC universe over the top as a must have

The cw shows on DC universe will happen sooner or later Gotham would be awesome to see even a reboot if DC wanted to save it


By sooner or later, you mean like 2020 right? CW has a Netflix deal until at least then if not later

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It’s almost 2019 so little over 2 years

Smh that’s crazy dc should buy there way out of that Netflix deal but it is right around the corner so I can see why they wouldn’t but that sucks in dc’s part

Unpopular Opinion: I love the CW and Netflix deal. I’ve been wet off it for a year now. Before I couldn’t help but to watch every episode live so I didn’t have to wait a year to watch it. But once that deal started I only had to wait to the end of the season then binge away. If it weren’t for Supernatural, Riverdale, and The Originals I would say yes buy out the deal and give me the Arrowverse. But my life is more than just DC. I vote they keep the deal they have and transfer the Arrowverse from CW studios to the DCU Studios that they have Titans and Stargirl in. That’s the real answer. Then they don’t have to wait for any deal to end because they own both studios


It would definitely make a DC universe sub a must have but by the time it would be exclusive to DCU they will probably be wrapping up on at least 2 of the long running shows.


@Matt warner brothers owns the cw it’s simply just the deal they have in order with Netflix that’s a bug

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Yes, yes, yes and Smallville because that’s small-town, just like me. LOL