Worlds of DC Films moving forward

As always, I am sorry if Someone has already started a thread like this:

Is there every any discussion, in these message boards, regarding the direction of the DC live action films might take?

Anyone ever post any spec scripts?

Anyone have any ideas? I am sitting on a few, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin, if I wanted to contact Warner Bros.

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This doesn’t count…but We Got This Covered and Batman news (where I read it) is reporting a rumor about a possible Swamp Thing Movie. Mods feel free to move this or whatever…I couldn’t find a topic to post under.

Sorry, forgot to include the link where I found it.

Hey @Anchorpete29, There are a few threads where people ask what show or film you would like DCU to make. I can’t think of the thread titles at the moment but I believe they are in the General & tv/movie threads prob.
You could ask Applejack in the WatchTower thread Titled: OFFICE HOURS: Every Thursday @6pm PST/9pm EST (link below)

Or you could post your question in the Support and Feedback Thread.
For a more direct approach you could send the a email @
They are very good at giving you a quick response in my experience.

Hope this helps and hope to see what ideas you :smiley:

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Thanks for helping, @jvgann and @AquamonC137! We are very interested in hearing feedback on the user experience of our platform here on DC Universe, and work hard to make sure that feedback is provided to our developers and designers.


@Anchorpete29, As a rule, DC company does not solicit scripts or ideas from the public. There is a lot of legality to take into account.

We will sometimes have fun fan fiction writing exercises that we create in the Fan Creations area of the community, but even these exercises are executed with strict boundaries in mind that prevent the appearance of soliciting for creative feedback on future publications or video content.

Unfortunately, the primary way to have your scripts submitted through consideration are through the classic entertainment channels, through your agent or manager. I hope this helps!


This is probably unlikely due to the last Green Lantern film, but I would love to see a Green Lantern Corps movie