World of Wonder | Week 65 | Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #4 | Oct. 21-27

World of Wonder Week 65!

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World of Wonder continues with Spooktober by continuing Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me! Watch as our heroes face off against some creatures on the island. Join us for this creature feature of sorts!

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What to read: WONDER WOMAN: COME BACK TO ME (2019-) #4


  1. What do you think of the setting of this story?

  2. Which moments stood out to you?

  3. How do you feel about this issue and where the story is going?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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What are your favorite “scary monsters” to watch/read about?

  • Zombies
  • Witches
  • Dinosaurs
  • Were-creatures (werewolves, etc.)
  • Other (comment below)

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I feel like i am close to start my odyssey of catching up. The tablet is hard on my eyes for some reason. I need to figure out a way to make it easier on me so that i can more marathon read.


And as to the scary, I seem to be enamored by what’s in fashion. The 90s was vampires. I followed TWD when it debuted and sometimes i feel liked i am ‘zombied out’. I have yet to click a circle; I could vote other, but it’s not really ‘Other’.

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I also got zombied out watching TWD. It’s probably why I hated a certain storyline from GoT when I finally started watching that show.


Hmm…I don’t know which one to pick for the poll, either. Really any of them could work as long as there’s a good story. Like, I’m not super into witches, but I really liked the “Wytches” story by Scott Snyder and Jock, as an example.

As for the WW issue:

  1. What do you think of the setting of this story?

The island was a neat setting – it felt like anything could happen there, which is always fun. The ship was also cool because I think it’s kind of rare to see Diana in space.

  1. Which moments stood out to you?

The revelation that Diana and Steve have about being used as entertainment was interesting, kind of meta – for a second I thought they were going to go full Animal Man and they would start seeing into the forth wall!

  1. How do you feel about this issue and where the story is going?

I’m liking it well enough – in a sense, it kind of feels a mad libs story in terms of all the different stuff that goes on, though I think that may be the nature of the anthology nature of where this story came from if that makes sense.


Another enjoyable installment of this story. One way to know that Wonder Woman is an A+ character is that we’re essentially rotating between 3 or 4 if not versions of her, certainly different perspectives and takes on her. But, this series in a very different way is as entertaining to me as Justice League Dark which is of course great.

I liked the island setting because of the mystery, the mixing of characters and the action.

What stood out in particular about this issue was the humor. A lot of it centered around Cheetah one way or another. You definitely get the message when Wonder Woman smooshes your face into the face of a dead alien.

I didn’t think of it that way, but @Jay_Kay is 100% right to compare this to Mad Libs. Each installment seems to ask ‘what can we put in this one?’ which could be a recipe for disaster but its not in this case.

And this is just supercool. I love the detail of of her legs kicking into the water.


Chad Hardin - How to Draw Wonder Woman


I do like when we get to see Wonder Woman in space. I enjoyed the island and all of the stuff going on there, but I’m excited to see what is going to happen now that they’re way out of their element. Cheetah in space is a whole lotta fun. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in space.

The way Diana and Steve concluded they were just entertainment kind of was iffy. I didn’t follow along why that meant they were entertainment exactly, but the revelation was great. I forgot about Animal Man doing that! Oh my goodness. I don’t know if that series ever came back to DCU, but I hope it does during DCEIOU because it was really good.

LOL, Mad Libs is probably how the aliens were choosing what to throw at them next.

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I hadn’t thought about the rotation, but you’re right. The character works in multiple genres and she works because of what a great character she is at her core. It is fun seeing all of the different versions of her. It’s why we need more and why I’m excited for Future State.

The island setting definitely made it so that we could potentially have any hero guest star. Of course that’s true of the space setting too, but it just felt more of a part of the island portion of the story. Wonder Woman and Jonah Hex should pair up more often. It’s a ton of fun.

The image you posted had me chuckling. It was Wonder Woman’s, “See?” She was tossing poor lil Cheetah all over the place and then wondering why Cheetah hates her LMAO…

Yeah, I loved the Mad Libs comparison from Jay_Kay. It just makes sense once you hear it.

The diving panel you posted is full of movement that’s hard to capture in comics. It reminded me of the 2017 movie when she dives in for Steve, since she was diving in for Steve here too. The water stuff was great, especially because it gave us Aquaman getting hurled for hundreds of miles and this:

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What do you think of the setting of this story?
I liked the turn toward the abduction and when Diana started to figure it out. I am wondering when the others were taken and why. were they shiny to the bounty hunters? Sibella’s story needs some summarizing at the least.

Which moments stood out to you?
Sort of random panels; my comments appear underneath

“Let it play out” is a phrase that I like for some reason. It makes me sit up a little and try to pay attention a little more.

This is more about sea creature. And not so much that it looks like it has three (3) eyes, but how most of it is hidden under the water.

I am inferring a significant amount of history from Diana’s snark. This Cheetah is from '52 or Rebirth? But i like the dom snark coming out of Diana.

You had me at malodorous.

How do you feel about this issue and where the story is going?
Definitely a popcorn movie like story. The art can pop out at you at times. The end of this book was a cliffhanger ('natch). But it means I can make my way one book closer to the end of my Get Caught Up Odyssey.


Her look here looks more like Rebirth, though I think this is purposefully written that it can fit anywhere.

Also with you on the total Dom Energy coming from Diana here.