World of Wonder | Week 58 | Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #2 | Sep. 2-8

World of Wonder Week 58!

:sparkles: Come Back Again :sparkles:

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World of Wonder is going back to Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me with issue #2! As Wonder Woman searches for Steve, she and Etta are joined by a familiar face. Join us in discussing this story originally published in the Justice League Giants.

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When: 2020-09-02T07:00:00Z2020-09-08T07:00:00Z

What to read: WONDER WOMAN: COME BACK TO ME (2019-) #2


  1. Are you enjoying this story?

  2. What did you think of Jonah Hex?

  3. Which other characters have you been enjoying?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Was hoping this was next when I saw it in the new comics. I mean I couldn’t just read it by myself, could I?


If you read a comic, but no one is around to discuss it with you, did you really read it?


I read it!

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Woo woo! What’d you think about it?

Generally enjoying this story with one exception. Love this wacky wild island where we’ve got timey whimey problems. Jonah Hex is a long-time favorite, love seeing his interaction with Diana and Etta. With Jonah you can get the straightforward cowboy stories like we saw in the recent All Star Western is really compelling. I also like this toned down version that can work in the superhero genre.

I wish I was a giant ripped leopard dude who could wear fighter aircraft as jewelry.

Now my problem with this story. Once again, I’m back on an Etta kick. Said in the last issue I was finally warming up to the character, but once again she’s all over the place. They decided to make her a special operations officer. That means she should be a competent bad motor scooter, which she is at times. But here again, she’s back to being the in over her head, scared of the jungle comedy relief character. You can’t have both. I love Gail Simone’s Etta, which is fairly close to this version in some respects, I also love the Legends of Wonder Woman Etta was a ball of energy and a vain. This Etta, they need to figure out what they want from her and stick to it.

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  1. Are you enjoying this story?

I’d say yes. I’m definitely curious to see more about this island and what it’s deal is. It’s like a superhero version of Lost, except the ending is probably going to be better! :smiley:

  1. What did you think of Jonah Hex?

I like him here. Palmiotti had in the past wrote some very acclaimed Jonah Hex stories in the past, so it was cool to see him interact with the greater DCU.

  1. Which other characters have you been enjoying?

Of these characters, so far it’s mostly Diana and Jonah, but I’m sure the others will have their moments soon.

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I agree, Etta right now feels very inconsistent.


Are you enjoying this story?
I am. it has a good pace, like a popcorn movie.

What did you think of Jonah Hex?
I’ve always liked Jonah Hex, never could figure out why. could be his weirdo scar.

Which other characters have you been enjoying?
usually, i am focused on Diana. then i focus on the ship potential. if the ship name could be considered a character.

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