World of Wonder | Week 41 | The Legend of Wonder Woman '15 #19-21 + Young Justice '19 #2 | May 6-12

World of Wonder Week 41!

:sparkles: The Legend’s End Nears :sparkles:

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The Legend of Wonder Woman is nearing its end. Join World of Wonder as we prepare for the final issues. We will also be reading another issue of Wonder Comics’ Young Justice series featuring Wonder Girl.

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:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. How are you enjoying the Steve and Diana dynamic in this series?

  2. Did you enjoy the battle with the Duke of Deception?

  3. In Young Justice, what was your favorite moment in Gemworld?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Young Justice has some good artwork, but lacks a hook for me. Some great artwork moments, but not very vested in what is going on.
Robin riding a gem unicorn is hilarious.


Comparing LoWW Diana to the Diana we read last week should prove intriguing


Steve and Diana dynamic,
Steve is mostly removed from the action, he is kind of whiny. He is a poster boy remove from active duty, for time being. Steve is infatuated with Wonder Woman, but she is more concerned with the greater good. Etta keeps trying to get Diana to give Steve a chance. Wonder Woman seems concerned more with duty to save the world. Steve seems to remember Diana and element of Paradise Isle, he had his flight jacket detailed with a Pegasus.
The Duke of Deception is a cool character; he has some excellent abilities. Not my favorite face off involving Wonder Woman, but it was worth rereading.

What do you think about Diana’s confrontation with Zeus?


Same. YJ didn’t really grab me either…might’ve been my mood?? Sometimes that happens. :upside_down_face:. Perhaps I’ll give it another pass one day.

Still have to read the Young Justice.

LoWW Steve and Diana. there doesn’t seem to be much of anything. he’s still whining about being the human morale booster and she gets a little stiff and nervous when he show’s up.

the Duke of Deception battle wasn’t bad. he is very powerful. but it was more about she rejecting Zeus’ deal. Nice to see Alcippe! and the costume!

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While the Duke of Deception has some frightening powers, Diana stood up to a God. Refusing to be a pawn :chess_pawn:, I think that is epic. Diana tries to protect humanity regardless of the personal costs. I think that is why she is one of my favorite characters.

  1. How are you enjoying the Steve and Diana dynamic in this series?

It’s been interesting. I liked how he’s helped Diana on her journey without getting in the way.

  1. Did you enjoy the battle with the Duke of Deception?

It’s nice to see a different villain than usual, even if he’s just an underling to the main bad we’re all familiar with. Not sure how well he works though.

  1. In Young Justice, what was your favorite moment in Gemworld?

Tim on the unicorn was pretty fun. Also liked when Teen Lantern finally got Cassie’s superhero name (though Zatanna? Seriously?).

Curses; I still have to read Young Justice. The gemworld component is what I am more interested in, so i want to give it another issue before i laud or poop on said title. I do like Jinny Hex; hopefully her backstory will feel right. I get including a lantern, but I need to be shown (not told) why (s)he earned the ring.

The Wonder Twins and Dial H were the most fun to read. Naomi i want to give a few more issues. In my eyes, Young Justice is just another way to say Teen Titans and I will always try all things Titan.

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Update: I get the “meh” everyone was more or less saying. I might go one more to see if there is more on gemworld. I did like the Wonder Girl flashback. Grandpappy Zeus and the amulet that would augment her abilities. Cassie is a Wonder Girl I am not that familiar with. My first Cassie is likely to be YJ season 2. The not knowing her gag runs through both the flashback and “current events”.

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I feel like Bendis in general reads best in trade or binging a whole storyline.