Wonder Woman to appear in CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths!

Did I miss something or is not one freaking out about this??


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I think at this point it’s just an unconfirmed rumor. Once it’s verified and we know it’s really happening, I will definitely be losing my mind!

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I concur. I desperately want the report to be true, but, I’ll wait on the cartwheels until it’s confirmed.

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I would love it if its true, but I also know much like We Got This Covered, Cosmic Book News is notorious for making up stories. If we get confirmation from a reputable source, then I’ll be jumping for joy. For now, take it with a grain of salt.

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All things considered, it might make sense for Lynda Carter to be the Diana of Earth - 3, and maybe Earth-77.


well I *was freaking out reading this title … Mae you gave me a heart attack

here’s hoping anyway

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Lydia Carter would likely play Kingdom Come Wonder Woman and has been the president in Supergirl so it does make a little bit of sense.

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Oh, this would be a dream come true.

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Sorry, I know it’s but a rumor at this point, but Lynda Carter is already part of the Arrowverse on Supergirl as President Marsdin. It’s just DC that needs to allow them to use Wonder Woman. And Themyscira was already briefly shown in Legends of Tomorrow. This would be astounding and leave me a blubbering mess.

There was a thread in the general section about this.

I liked Supergirl’s version of Superman, so a berlanti-verse wonder woman should do the character justice (pun totally intended).


I don’t think Lynda will be Wonder Woman, she’s just too aged now days so it wouldn’t make sense to me for them to havr a young Superman and an aged Wonder Woman.

I think it will be Jessica Chobot, the likeness is definitely there already.

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Oh I didn’t check General, cause I was looking for TV news. I do hope this is true!

Cosmic Book News is even more of a “trash site” than We Got This Covered, which is saying something because WGTT is really trashy.

Believing anything from either of these sites is like believing that the moon landing was faked. All you are doing is making yourself look foolish.

Tom Welling from what I have seen while still on good shape, doesn’t really have the physique anymore. And Linda Carter still looks amazing but unless it’s a retired Wonder Woman in civilian clothes not sure she could still pull it off.

I’m always with u when it comes to Batwoman. That was the very 1st conversation I had with u way back when this site 1st opened. My heads been stuck in the comics so just saw this but I’m with u at all times in everything Batwoman.

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Sorry I meant WW. Batwoman is always on my brain and I refuse to apologize for that lol.

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How can Batwoman not be a fav? :wink:



Thank u for defending my mistake. You’re an angel and you’re right gotta love Batwoman.

I.dbon lynda carter says her. And welling plus two from the titans are supposedly in this

Arrrgh that should ln say imdb