Wonder Woman pilot

Has anyone seen the Wonder Woman pilot episode? If so what do you think of it?

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Which one?

-1967’s Wonder Woman pilot with Ellie Wood Walker, produced by the same team that did Batman '66?
-1974’s Cathy Lee Crosby pilot? (available here on DCU)
-1975’s Lynda Carter pilot? (also here on DCU)
-2011’s pilot with Adrianne Palicki, produced by David E Kelley?

(My answer is yes to all of those, by the way)

I still wish the animated Wonder Woman and the Star Riders pilot had been produced, personally… :grinning:


I saw the 1967 pilot and I know Batman was a hit and in the 60’s Super Heroes were not taken as seriously… but man oh man was that bad.

I have not seen the Cathy Lee Crosby one but I should. I have not heard great things about it and have little faith it will surprise me. But I should see it while it is here, doubt it will be rotated as who else is actually going to ever want to put that on their service? But if it does go away odds are good I will never get another chance to see it.

I saw the Linda Carter one… yeah it shows it’s age now in the 21st Centuring but I used to love the Linda Carter Wonder Woman, especially when it was set in the 40’s, was sorry they didn’t stick with that (although not the most convincing portrayal of the 40’s ever to hit TV I won’t deny). To this day when I read a comic with Wonder Woman in it, I hear Linda Carter’s voice. Gal Gadot is awesome and did a great job in the movie, but Linda Carter will always be Wonder Woman. It’s like she lept off the pave in that show.

Never saw the Adrianne Palicki one. I kind of was annoying David E. Kelly made it. I mean some of his stuff was decent but why did they decide the person to do an action show based on a comic book should be someone who by his own admission knew nothing about Wonder Woman or superheroes in general and is almost exclusively known for making procedurals that involve people sitting around chattering on about the law? Because he did Ally McBeal so “girl power”? Because Ally McBeal is NOTHING like Wonder Woman. I mean, I am sure he did his best but clearly the people making decisions knew nothing about what made Wonder Woman work and the pilot failing sure seemed to convince me of that.


PSA: some of us are holding a community watch-along of the Cathy Lee Crosby movie on Sunday!



Adrienne Palicki’s pilot is good if you don’t know anything about the character. I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and was disappointed with it. I love Lynda and that is my favorite series ever. It really caught what it means to be Wonder Woman. There is a great reason the pilot in 67 only filmed 5 minutes, it was terrible.


As for Kelly not knowing the character, it shows. However, that unfortunately us how Wonder Woman was handled, people who didn’t get her. Whedon made statements that made me hate he was in control (I’ve never watched the series, I don’t like the costume, I don’t like her villains) and made me so happy it didn’t get made. I never bothered to read the script either. Of course, they also discussed having Mariah Carey play her, and that would have eliminated the character from ever succeeding again, in my opinion. I love Sandra Bullock, but was also glad that never happened as well…


I’ve been a Wonder Woman fan for as long as I can remember. I saw about 2 minutes of the 67 pilot and that was all I could do. I saw the Cathy Lee Cosby movie when it aired on T.V. as a teenager. Yes, I’m that old. lol. And of course, I saw Linda Carter’s version and own in on DVD. I’ve never seen Andreanne Palicki’s. I guess I will have to check it out.


Don’t expect a Wonder Woman story @AmazonQueen. It’s not well done. WW tortured for information after setting the lasso forcefully on the one she tortures…

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I also saw the clip of Wonder Woman basically killing a guy instantly with a sword the throws at his head. Yeah Wonder Woman is a warrior and at least in more modern comics has not dismissed killing if nessecary. But killing someone who was no threat without even trying something else… I mean David E. Kelly really didn’t get classic superheroes at ALL.

I heard the Whedon script was not good but didn’t see it. Didn’t know Joss Wheedon said that. To be honest I don’t think she has the greatest rogue gallery, and her Golden Age stuff even for Golden Age standard is horrible I am sorry. If William Marston has access to internet porn back then Wonder Woman probably wouldn’t even exist regardless of what she has become since then.

But I don’t get why studios would get people who admitted to not liking comics, not getting the characters appeal, not liking superheroes, etc. Yeah you have to update it for a mainstread modern audience. But Wonder Woman has been around since the early 40’s. They don’t need to be comic book collectors or experts on the character’s history, but if someone doesn’t get what it is about her that has made her endure so long, then why would they be expected to make a good movie about it?

And the attitude of “I didn’t like the characterbut stand back… I will show how to do it RIGHT!” is a stupid mentality to get into. If you disregard what makes her work you won’t get the approval and audience of the existing fanbase which likely will doom it to fail unless it is an amazing show/movie on it’s own. But even if it is great are the people who didn’t care about Wonder Woman (or whoever) even going to see it… if they went their whole lives not interested in a character who has always been around why would they give a movie/show about said character a watch to find out it was good?

Dan, it was a pipe, not a sword, but she threw it after using the guy wielding it as a human shield. There was so much wrong, but like I said, if you watch it as a depiction of a character you don’t have any knowledge about, it’s not so bad…

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