Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

We only actually see her in stockings and skirts. I believe she escapes the flammable garment issue by avoiding them all together~ :wink:


Name: Professor Toxino
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #52 (1946)
Creators: H.G Peter and Joye Hummel
Abilities: Decent chemistry abilities. Talented insect breeder. Creation and possession of ‘Red Winged Flies’ insects whose bite turns people into murderous criminal maniacs.

Backstory: A somewhat talented chemist who was doomed to eternally be lost in the shadow of Professor Chemico, the greatest scientist in the world! Attempting to apply to work at the same university as Professor Chemico which ended in failure. He submitted a plasma which would supposedly benefit the military only for it to be found out as worthless.

Frustrated by the fact that nobody saw his chemistry abilities as having much merit, Toxino dedicated his efforts towards breeding insects with unique properties such as his ‘Red Winged Flies’ a red winged insect with wings more in common with a butterfly, its bite would drive people into a murderous rage, developing into a strange form of manic madness wherin those bitten would initially try to murder anyone and everyone in a blind rage, developing to a sort of manic murderous camaraderie in which those bitten would recognize one another and begin to cooperate to cause more murder.

Carrying a sack of flies with him at all times for whenever he felt the urge to toss one at someone and watch them become a murderous killer, Professor Toxino wished to have his revenge on anyone and everyone he believed wronged him no matter how false that claim truly was.

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Name: Queen Flamina
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #71
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Body temperature of over 10,000 degrees. Rules over The Sun. Commands an army of trillions of sun warriors. Posession of guns, mega-sunfauna, and ‘the flaming sun trap’. Immunity to heat. Ability to live and thrive on the suns surface.

Backstory: Ruler of the entire SUN. Queen Flamina rules under an uncountable number of five foot tall sun people who live across the surface of the sun which is otherwise populated by megafauna native to the sun.

Living within shining cities and making use of incredible advanced technology, Queen Flamina ruled with absolute power on the one place in the solar system that none would ever dare to invade.

However! Queen Flamina not trusting the war-like Earth, would view them as a terrible threat who may one day destroy the sun itself! Thus taking advantage of the Earths withering ozone layer, she would plot for the moment it failed to send her people to invade the Earth. For should even one of the suns populace enter Earths atmosphere, they would burn away anything and everything across its surface. Scouring the Earth of all life.

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Name: Astarte, Emperess of the Silver Snake
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #252 (1978)
Creators: Jack Harris and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Immortality as an unliving spectre. Command of the ‘silver snake’ which can destroy spacecraft by coiling it or firing ‘venomous lasers’ from its nose.The ability to ‘burn out ones soul’ with laser eyes. Standard laser eyes. Flesh and blood immortality. Commands an army of space Amazons. Possesses a swarm of silver snakes which can fly and consume all life on a planet. Power armor which can grant increased strength and ability. Amazonian super strength. Laser gun haver. Sky Kanga rider.

Backstory: Originally possessing the name of ‘Diana’, Astarte was the sister of Hippolyta. A fellow Amazon who followed their beliefs until Heracles struck, slaying Diana during his attack upon them.

Following and watching over Hippolyta and the Amazons as they fought their way to freedom and made their escape, the ghost of Diana would feel herself fading away as the centuries passed by until drawn to the stars, she left the Earth and traveled through space. The starlight empowering her and keeping her from fading from existence.

Over the thousands of years, her memories began to fade, recalling only that she sought the stars and thus took on the name ‘Astarte’ until discovering a strange and mystical asteroid of gold and silver, she entered it, emerging with a physical body once more.

Overjoyed to once again be ‘alive’ Astarte wished for a means of returning to Earth switfly and born from that same asteroid was a snake made from silver which would carry her across space so she might return to the Earth.

When she arrived however, she found she could not enter Earths atmosphere without perishing. But discovered Wonder Woman. For when Hippolyta created her child, she named Diana after her sister and shaped the young Amazon in her image.

Astarte unaware of this, thought Diana to be her own body. Now possessed by some sort of poltergeist. Thinking that if she could somehow drive Wonder Woman out of her body, Astarte would live once more as Diana and return to her old life!

The poor Amazon driven to madness from death and millenia of isolation would terrorizr the space around Earth destroying spacecraft and sattilite, trying to lure out Wonder Woman to confront her.

Post crisis would reimagine Astarte as an Amazon who kidnapped in place of Hippolyta three thousand years ago as one of one hundred women from the Earth by a race of space Amazons, would undergo a tormentuous existence for millenia that warped her mind and twisted her beliefs until she was cold hearted, sadistic and blood thirsty.

Becoming their leader, she would repurpose the Space Amazons who used to nomadiclly travel from world to world and conscript those to join them and learn their ways. Now, they would harvest whole worlds. Choosing the strongest to join them and processing all other life into sustenance to feed an ever expanding space fleet which would destroy every world in their wake.

They would use parasitic silver snakes which could consume any organic matter then process those same snakes to be used for ‘the slurry’ to feed the space amazons. This combined with advanced technology harvested from countless worlds over many millenia made Astarte a force to be reckoned with.

The Rebirth era would reimagine Astarte as a far less villainous persona. Instead this depiction of Astarte was a space faring Amazonian errant knight who sought out knowledge and aiding those in need.

Only to tragically meet her end in battle against an army of demons, sacrificing herself to seal the gates so they may never escape.

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I have a question for people~
Now, one of Wonder Womans villains is a guy named Warhead. Hes obsessed with weapons and has a very distinctive design.

Now in Superfriends a year later there was another character who was also named Warhead who was similarly obsessed with weapons and well…His head.

I am unsure whether or not the two of them are the same character and on the wild chance that anyone else might be more familiar with this particular bit of character lore or had two cents to toss in, id appreciate some insights.


Name: The Morrigan (Anann, Bellona, and Enyo)
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #605 (2010)
Creators: J. Straczynski, Phil Hester, Don Kramer, Eduardo Pansica, Daniel Hdr
Abilities: God-like power and immortality. Ability to raise the dead as their servants. Power to transform their followers and grand them powers. Mastery of combat. Possesses incredible armies and artifacts.

Backstory: A trio of goddesses of war who claimed the moniker of the Celtic goddess of war as the banner under which they operated. The Morrigan were minions of Nemesis who having grown so greatly in power that she threatened the destruction of the multiverse itself.

Wishing to survive what they saw as the inevitable doom of all things, they threw in their lot with the anthropomorphic personification of vengeance itself who embodies every wish for revenge ever made across all of time and space.

Thus the Irish goddess Anu, the Greek goddess Enyu, and the Roman goddess Bellona would unite in order to carry out the will of nemesis. Raising a massive army, they would seek to slaughter the Amazons. Murder Hippolyta and Philipus. Destroy anyone and everyone that Diana cared about.

All in an effort to make Diana to become driven by vengence, turning her into a puppet. An avatar of the goddess Nemesis. So that she may bring about vengence on all and destroy anything and everything.

With numerous minions from centaur, to minotaurs. Immortal Spartans and thousands of modern day soldiers. The Morrigan had the resources and the power to become a most terrible enemy for Wonder Woman.

morrigan 1

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Name: Disdain
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #145 (1999)
Creators: Eric Luke and Mathew Clark
Abilities: Powers of seduction. Can shapeshift into what ones heart desires. Can materialize a giant knife out of thin air to stab someone in the back with. Ability to control emotions.

Backstory: The ‘assassin of the heart’ Disdain was one of the children of Chronus. Created to aid him in carrying about his vengeance on the heavens themselves.

As each of these children of Chronus were created as a weapon against particular aspects of an individual, Disdain was a weapon against the heart. Created to manipulate and control. To create a weakness and an opening to exploit in her enemies.

While others charge onto the battlefield openly letting blood, Disdain would use her powers to know who matters most to someone, take their form, and lure them into a moment of unsuspecting ease which she would exploit to shiv them to death.

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Name: Slaughter
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #145 (1999)
Creators: Eric Luke and Mathew Clark
Abilities: Able to shapeshift his ten arms into any weapon he desires. God-like strength.

Backstory: The eight legged, ten armed, blue skinned, centaur with a cyclopian head and two of his ugly mits perpetually stuffed in his own mouth was one of the children of Chronus.

Born of Chronus’s hatred and desire for revenge, Slaughter personified the most basic and violent aspects of war. The desire to cause death and terror. Reveling in the bloodshed.

Capable of freely shapeshifting his limbs to anything he desires, Slaughter could match any physical blow laid against him with a similar weapon. Leaving him armed and dangerous at all times.

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slaughter 3


Name: Harrier
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #145 (1999)
Creators: Eric Luke and Mathew Clark
Abilities: Flight, super speed, Evasive abilities.

Backstory: One of the children which Chronus birthed through regurgitation in an effort to create an army with which to conquer the heavens.

Harrier is ‘the speedy killer’ Created for the very specific purpose of going fast and evading attacks. Serving as much as a distraction as an assassin, Harrier can easily slip past the front lines to lay a devastating blow of surprise upon those caught unawares.

With his build which resembles that of a winged serpent, Harriers method of attack is to constrict and strangle his prey once he swoops in on them. Attacking unsuspected and then flying away before any defense can be constructed.

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Name: Titan
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #139 (1998)
Creators: Eric Luke and Yanick Paquette
Abilities: Hive mind capable of body snatching fifty people at once. Capable of consuming and absorbing those they possess. Immunity to physical harm thanks to their intangible form. Can somehow gift the power of earthquakes.

Backstory: One of the ‘Children of Chronus’ despite claiming to be born of Uranus and Gaea. The self proclaimed monster by the name of ‘Titan’ boasted ‘fifty heads and one hundred arms’

This was due to Titan being an intangible hive mind. Capable of claiming any fifty people as part of its body, puppeting them regardless of distance and operating them as though their bodies were its own complete with all of their memories and abilities.

Then once Titans use for those victims was complete, Titan would absorb their bodies, causing them to meld into the intangible ink cloud that is Titan. Then Titan would be free to claim fifty more victims to carry out acts of murder and terror. Safe in the knowledge that as an entity that doesn’t even exist on the material plane, there is no consequence for their actions.

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Name: Oblivion
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #140 (1998)
Creators: Eric Luke and Yanick Paquette
Abilities: The ability to travel across memory. The power to erase memories in their entirity. To rewrite memory. To entrap people within a world of their own mind where years can pass in a matter of moments.

Backstory: The voiceless Oblivion was one of the children of Chronus. A being lacking in physical form and pressence, Oblivion was naught but a memory which traveled through the recalled perception of others.

Walking through memories, Oblivion had the power to freely alter memory at a whim. Rewriting it. Erasing it. He could twist ones memories around so the victim would forget their own identity and recall only the one which he carefully constructed. Entrapping them in their own little world.

Of all the Children of Chronus, Oblivion was the only one aware that their father eyed his progeny with distrust. Keeping eye on their strength, intent on devouring any which showed any sign of wishing to overthrow him.

Yet despite this, Oblivion like all the others was desperate to please Chronus. Carrying out any horrific act as ordered in a desperate attempt to earn his fathers favor.

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Name: Professor Menace
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #111 (1959)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Genius roboticist. Ability to create robotic facimiles of seemingly any hero or villain which can be controlled by his thoughts alone.

Backstory: Criminal genius of the criminal underworld. Professor Menace is a skilled roboticist who can create thought controlled robot duplicates of anyone in order to do his bidding.

Capable of replicating any ability or feat possible through his efforts, Professor Menace was capable of making a robot as strong as Wonder Woman. A robot equipped with a fully functional replica of Captain Colds Cold Gun. A Clock King robot capable of…Doing whatever Clock King does!

Installing self destruct apparatus into his robots so he can destroy anyone grappling with one of his creations should the fight not go in his favor, or even creating multiple robots including one of himself and commanding them from miles away, Professor Menace was a dangerously brilliant mind.

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