Wonder Woman 1984 is back on HBO Max now

I wanted to post this announcement in World of Wonder in case you want to see the film again or maybe want to check it out for the first time. I’m super excited to see it back on HBO Max so I can watch it again and take in all the sights.

My overall first impression of the film was that Diana appeared to be mentally exhausted and so she had to make adjustments along the way to keep herself going. The film took an emotional toll on me after I saw it the first time, probably because I felt a lot of emotion throughout the whole film. I tried to put myself in her shoes (boots) and imagine what the experience she had would be like for me. So yeah, I felt my way through the film.

There’s a lot to enjoy in the film, and now that HBO Max has it back up, I can get ready again to experience the story and focus in on some details I missed the first time. I usually miss something the first time I watch a film.

So I just wanted to post this announcement. If any mod thinks it’s a double post and already mentioned somewhere else, then certainly delete this one if needed.



Don’t think this is a repost. I stopped HBO Max, but I have the film. It was pretty good.


I’m glad you liked the film, too. I tried to stay away from spoilers and just talk about the emotional impact it had on me.

Hopefully others can watch the film and check in with their comments at a convenient time.


Life is good, and it has gone better!:grinning: I’ve got the movie on DVD, but I’m happy to hear it’s back on HBO Max.


I bought this on Vudu before it got back on HBO Max. I will be watching it again soon because the first time I saw it I was in the early stages of that Covid crap! So I need to watch it with a non aching body and no terrible headaches! January was not good to me. I think I’ll be a lot more invested in it on my 2nd viewing.

@willeagle23.70656 , I’m sorry to hear that you had gotten Covid, but it sounds like you’re better now, feeling a lot better after recovery, so that is good to hear, too.

The movie was so emotional for me that I couldn’t watch it again after I rented it. The storyline is just so dramatic, and since Diana is a strong warrior with a huge heart for helping people, seeing how she goes on this emotional rollercoaster really affected me.

When I watch again, I can also look out for other details I might have missed before. I’m interested in her hair style, her style of clothes, any new gear she battles in, and of course all the interactions she has with people. I try to hear the struggle while watching it played out on screen, since I’m a big fan of Diana’s pursuit of justice and truth.