Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Metropolis!


Friday’s here again, everyone, and DC wants to know… how’d things go in Metropolis this week? Was it exactly as you imagined it’d be, or a complete surprise?

Know anything a good (or soon to be!) Superman fan would regret not seeing or doing before leaving? …or just as well, anything to avoid if they hope to return home unscathed? :wink:

As before, please make sure your submissions are short enough to fit on a postcard for our upcoming News Article - to be safe, around 100 words works! We look forward to your submissions!


Agent K,

If you are reading this you have sucessfully unencrypted the data dot rhat was a period in this postcard.

Photo shows urban legends, “Superman” and “Batman”, resting after saving the Earth from a hoard of alien insectoids.

The Authorities and the Media have succeeded in keeping secret these massive wars between Good and Evil that are waged in the early hours in Metropolis. It explains much: Why special effects have improved dramatically in recent years, (They record Real Events.), why there is so much new construction here and why Metropolis citizens are so stressed out.

Agent J



Dear Penguin,
This week I got to visit one of my favorite city, Metropolis! I got to tour the Lexcorp, Daily Planet and Star Lab. Yesterday while walking, I heard someone say “Look, up in the sky!” And another person say, “Is it a bird or a plane?!” I look up and to my excitement I yell,“It’s Superman!” How awesome is that!



Had to put a pin in the Invisible Mafia case. Leviathan is making big moves. Superman is powerless to save Metropolis… this looks like a job for Lois Lane.



Dear George Clooney,

Superman and Brainiac were flying into the Daily Planet. Brad wanted to see the action up close! Debris knock him out. He’s been in the hospital. I’m still having the time of my life.
Clark something, was asking me if Brad was going to be fine. He was pretty cute, the reporter. From Kentucky, I think.
I’m staying at the Centennial Hotel with a fantastic view of Centennial Park.
Touring Stryker’s tomorrow. If I have time I’ll stop by the hospital.

Well wishes,


P.S. Julia Roberts decided to stay on Themyscira to train as an Amazon


Man, I wish this board supported strikethrough text. But here’s this week’s entry, at 100 words exactly!

Hey Roy,

Went to Metropolis while you were dead. Business, not pleasure. Luthor himself wanted to make me an offer. Don’t have the space here for details, but let’s just say I’m not in the market for a replacement goldfish. Maybe that’s the thing about being that rich. You start seeing people as interchangeable. Someone goes missing or dies, just get another one.

Heh. Look at me. It’s too damn sunny to be this bitter. Metropolis isn’t like Gotham at all. Can’t wait to go home to the dark and misery.

Let me know when you get back, okay?

  • Jason

Dear Booster,
I’m having a good time visiting your old stomping grounds! The Bug is getting a tuneup from S.T.A.R. Labs so I caught a cab to Big Belly Burger. The cab fare was $10 so I still had enough for Soder Cola and a Big Belly Buster. Tasty, thanks for the recommendations! The waitress was cute, reminded me of Catherine Cobert. Remember when you bombed trying to ask her out? BWAH-HA-HA! This is a great city, maybe I’ll see if Superman wants some help and move here. Your bbf (blue best friend),

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Dear DCU,

Visit sunny Metropolis! Come for the Man of Steel, stay because aliens are invading again and the government wants the whole area cordoned off until the situation is under control. That and the restaurants. There’s a really good Italian place just off Centennial Park that only gets destroyed by rampaging supervillains once every other month!


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Metropolis got a amazing steak house 5 stars ambush bug approves


Dear Alfred,
Thank you so much for recommending Metropolis for our weekend get away. Babs has been really enjoying herself since almost everywhere has incredible WiFi. I’ve only had to put on the blue and black a few times, ya know helping out Clark. Lois makes a really good tour guide, and has shown us around a lot. Oh, also we ate at Bibbo’s and he has a total obsession with Superman, good food though. We’ll be back soon, tell everyone we said hi.
Dick and Babs


Written by Bizzaro.

Dear Enemies,

Me hate Metropolis. City looks awful. Me want to see worst enemy Superman. He wasn’t busy so he let Lois hang out with me. We had the worst day. Bibo gave disgusting food. Then we not go to Museum. Lois told me smash everything. Next we didn’t fight bad guys. They try to give money so we don’t stop them. Last we don’t go back to Superman’s house. Me despised day with Lois. Superman not help me go home. Be home later.

To Bizzaro, From Enemies


Dear Robin,

I have been in Metropolis for a while on a mission, but it is really hard to sneak around in this bright annoying city. Hopefully my information from the Daily Planet is real so I can catch the other. Hopefully all is going well with the Titans I just needed to get away and Metropolis is good for me after the Deathstroke incident. I hope after I get out of this tourist attraction of a place all will be forgiven.
                                   Emiko Queen
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Deer Mistah Luuthor,

Hi! This is your henchman Otus…Otas…Otis. Yeah, that’s how I spell my name…right? Yeah, I know how to write my name. I’m smrt.

So…you sent me to the Ace Hardware by Hobb’s Bay to get a bucket of steam for the island getaway that you’s, Miss Tessmacher and I were going on. When I got back, you and Miss Tessmacher were gone.

What gives?

Patiently waiting for your response from where you’s has gone,

Your buddeee Otihis…Ohtuz…Otis! Hurray, I got it right! Time fer a pretssuhl!

Bye bye Mister Lewthorr!


Dear Kara,

I miss you barging in around the office and pulling pranks on Clark. How is Smallville? I’ll never understand why you enjoy that country life more than the city. Come back soon!



Dear Clark

Thanks for having me over in metropolis! I had a blast meeting everyone, and even fighting some crime here and there!

(Although, I must admit I was a little terrified when Doomsday showed up)

Wish I could fly around the world and turn back time like you did in that one movie so I could do it all again!

Until next time,
Blue Reaper


Ps please pick me alpha lanterns

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Hey Big Blue,

Me an’ the Justice League Elite are watching your ‘lil hamlet of tomorrow while you’re off in space with Junior and your cuz tossin’ 'round with that Rogol Zaar brute. Criminy, he’s a big lout he is.

Anyway, all’s well.


Manchester Black


Dear Bird Boy

Dude, metropolis is nice and all, But Its kind of boring. Most criminals either give up when they see a guy in spandex, or just turn themselves in! Big Blue’s Really got the Hero business cornered here. I mean, How am I suppose to convince the Daily Planet to put me, The Amazing Changeling, in the headlines, if I can’t do anything heroic? Regardless, it’s a good stop for a little R&R. Plus, they have good Vegan pizza.

Yours sincerely
The one and only Beast Boy (and the titans)


Hey Mary,

My school trip to Metropolis has been cool, I guess. Nothing compared to Themiscara last week…

On our tour of the Daily Planet, we walked right pass the desk of this guy who looked EXACTLY like Superman. I don’t think anyone else noticed him, though. I’ll need to remember to tell Supes next time I see him.

As we were leaving the building, we saw Supergirl cut across the sky. Everyone was amazed at just the sight of her, but could you imagine what they would do if they knew that we played video games with her?

If you need me, just say the word.


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Dear Best Friend,

I did it! As soon as I stepped in front of the Daily Planet I sung “Somebody SAAAAAAAAAVE ME” at the top of my lungs.

You owe me $20.

Talk soon!