Will Wally West (Kid Flash) Come Back in Young Justice?

So I would like to talk about if Wally West would come back to Young Justice or if they will introduce the speed force in the next season. I just have a strong theory that he’s trapped in the speed force.


He could, although it lessens his sacrifice to the team and a stark reminder to any YJ member, the perils they face.

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Wally will definitely come back but maybe not this season.


If Wally comes back, it’d be neat for Weisman and Friends to have his return on the show parallel his return as it occurred in the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot.

'Specially if he gets a Rebirth style suit afterward.


I love Wally but I think he should stay dead to make it his sacrifice actually count

I prefer Wally stay dead as well.

If he does come back, it would probably be at the end of this season or sometime next season. Probably after Artemis and Will (formally known as Roy) get together, since they hinted at it several times, to add more drama.

I really hope Wally is not dead. I think there’s a lot of potential with this. Perhaps, for example, he could be stuck in the speed force for a while, but come back with no memory and be manipulated by the light to go against the league. I just feel like a lot can be done with him, and in my eyes (growing up on the justice league cartoon) only Wally is the real Flash.


If we refer to the comics, I’d like to believe Wally West is not dead. I understand why people keeping saying they want him to stay dead to keep the show dark or whatever but honestly that feels like such a disrespect. Kid Flash, Wally West, is supposed to be the fastest Flash to exists, he shouldn’t die inside the Speed-force, I think he deserves more credit to his story.

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I never understood the whole killing a superhero thing