Will They Add the Animated Teen Titans Movies to the List Soon?

I like the animated Titans movies. Does anyone know if they will be added at some point in the near future? Not just the newer ones, but the old Trouble in Tokyo as wells the new Go to the Movies.


So far with the exception of the direct to DVD/Digital download animated films it seems clear that for better or worse this is not going to be an early streaming stop for theatrical releases and HBO seems to be where they go, at least initially. So guessing Go to the Movies is not going to be on here any time soon.

Trouble in Tokyo would be a nice addition here since they have the whole animated series and is not a new movie by any means. Be cool if they added it soon. Teen Titans: Judas Contract should also be on here for sure, especially now that we get the comic book. Hope it is on the way sooner rather then later to this service.

Justice Leage vs Teen Titans was on here at launch but left January 1st as part of that big 13 movie exodus. Hopefully it will be rotated back on here soon though, I was disappointed as I didn’t get a chance to watch it before it left.


Judas is currently on Hulu, watched it yesterday