Will there be a GAP in New Comics on DCU in 2021?

I’ve been trying to search for anyone talking about this, so sorry if this repeating a previous topic.

Since there was a fairly significant gap in new comics being released this year, what is going to happen 12 months from that gap in 2021? Will there only be “old” comics getting digitized or will they move-up the release of certain comics?

Do you guys think there should be any consolation content in lieu of major releases hitting the 12 month deadline?

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Everything I heard was that DC was running full speed ahead during the March-April COVID-19 shutdown. They used the time to build up an inventory of content that allows them to run smoothly and get books out on time once the distribution bottleneck was resolved. Other publishers had “pens down” orders, but not DC.

I expect no gap at all as a result.

They definitely came back faster than everyone else. But there was still a hiatus on major titles. Batman #91 came out March 18th. Batman #92 came out June 9th. Justice League #43 and #44 were March 18 and May 12. And there’s more.

For the most part, April and May will be very light months for comics if they don’t add something else. I’m guessing they may save some of the Black Label stuff like White Knight for that period.

There will be a gap for sure, however DC started releasing new books WAY sooner than Marvel did and had Digital exclusives that we will get too. At most there will be three weeks of digitized older books and then we will start slowly getting stuff back. There may be some big comics added like Sandman, Mister Miracle, and Batman: Curse of the White Knight.


Hopefully they will also add more of the classic books they’ve been digitizing lately.

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What you are talking about is 9 months or so from bow

But the curtrnt situation
Re Vertigo and Black Label
As @Applejack said this Tuesday

“Right now the conversations are zeroed in getting the company stable. Matters like getting Black Label or Vertigo are a matter of contract with other comic provider services, and seeing as many services and industries are effected, we are not looking to shake things up just right now”

The contracts are probably
DC Comics
Local Comic Book Stores
Creators of content


Interesting. I didn’t realize the Black Label stuff was an actual licensing/contract issue. I assumed they were just keeping it off as “premium content”.

Thanks for the info.

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Yeah. That would also help. But unless there are major storylines / books missing, I don’t think that would really be satisfying.