Will Teen Titans The Judas Contract be added>

I dread to ask this for fear of starting trouble, but I noticed no new Teen Titans issues were added this week right when Judas Contract would have started.

I get it is a high profile story so assuming it sells well. But if it won’t be added even for a limited time after all the work I put in reading everything up to it on the deadline… honestly that feels kind of like a cheap trick. Again, not trying to whine or anything, but wanted to know if we can expect it on here sooner or later, if possible to tell us.

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Hey @DanTheManOne1! At the present moment, I cannot confirm if or when the Judas Contract will be added to the app. I suggest keeping an eye on The Watchtower for further updates. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

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