Will Joker Win?

Tonight is the Academy Awards, with 11 nominations how many will Joker win? I hope it’ll win for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. I thought the movie was good, even if it was depressing and intense, I did like how it took place in the 80s. I do like the costume design for Joker. I wish the movie the best tonight! :slightly_smiling_face::popcorn::desktop_computer:



I couldn’t agree more, except to add to depressing and intense with surreal and disturbing. By the end of the film I was wondering if what I saw was what really happened (in the movie) or what Joker imagined in his head. Which made me realize, either way I was getting into Joker’s head ( . . . or he was getting into mine.) Black Label just released Joker: Killer Smile and as you’re reading it; you really start to wonder, from his psychologist’s point of view, am I the one who’s going crazy? They portrayed the film in the same manner. I am so impressed that a comic book movie has garnered so much attention and praise from the Hollywood industry. I, too, wish them the best. It just means we’re going to get more, and greater movies from/for the DCEU (and Arrowverse style TV?).


C’mon Buddy you got this.


Joker won 2 awards, Best Musical score and Best Actor. :slightly_smiling_face::trophy::trophy:


Should have won more. Never even heard of parasite until last night?!
But it still puts us on the map.

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Joaquin is so socially awkward in real life and very stage shy, he was perfect for joker.