Will dcuniverse expand to another country?

What you guys think?

Yes they probably will but there’s still a lot to be done before making this worldwide


I agree with @foxybridges, they need to make this compatible with more devices, fix more bugs on all platforms, release community 2.0, then I think it will be fine to release it in another country.


@redhood don’t forget to build up their library

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I think the library is good enough. 20,000+ comics is incredible along with the full DCAU. Also has a ton of animated movies and live action shows. Plus Titans, YJ outsiders and Doom Patrol are big hits.


I hope so, and soon. I want them to have enough subscribers that they don’t interfere with the shows.

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I think it will, but it may take time. We’ll probably see PS4 support first.

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All om due time, they are making the necessary preparations first. And doing things this way, they’ve been knocking it out of the park so I fully support them taking their time with stuff.


Side note,
I’m so proud to be here before it goes worldwide!