Why There Will Never Be A Good Teen Titans Adaptation

Teen Titans (03-06) ruined all future adaptations. Is was a well fleshed out show. It nailed all aspects of the young heroes; being a hero,being a teen, relationships, even them being a makeshift family. Cyborg dealing with his cyber enhancements, Raven trying be a hero despite all her darkness, and Robin wanting to put it on all the line to be a great hero were handled phenomenally. That’s why there won’t be a perfect Teen Titans Adaptation. It will be hard to beat the original. Everything will be compared to it and fall short on one or two aspects so we will feel like it’s not good. The only way to have a perfect Teen Titans Adaptation again, is continue the original.

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See, I think your very line of reasoning is why there will never be, at the very least, a successful Teen Titans adaptation; because fans of the original simply will not ALLOW it to be. Everyone wants to put the animated series on a pedestal like it’s the be-all-end-all version of the Titans. It isn’t. I’ve watched through it recently, it hasn’t aged nearly as well as people think it has. And so much of the fanbase basically demanding that the original be resumed and lambasting any other version of the Teen Titans tells me they’re not willing to move on, or accept another version, they want that one and only that one.


I meant it the same way you did, that if we don’t stop comparing it’ll never be as good. Perhaps I didn’t word it how I meant but that was my point. Quit comparing and just enjoy the new shows

I thoroughly enjoyed Titans and was surprised at the mixed reviews. I wish Korys arc was a little different but nevertheless I loved the show!

I totally get your point. I admit it. I didn’t think Titans was going to be good because I kept comparing the trailers to the animated series. Once I watched Titans and re-watched Teen Titans, I realized that it was stupid for comparing the two because they’re different adaptions. Titans is a dark, gritty, and mature adaption that is targeted for adults, while Teen Titans was targeted for kids. I agree with what @Truth_of_Pisces and what you said. Fans should just stop comparing the two and enjoy how the two shows have adapted our favorite young heroes.


@GAHarris5, yeah, sorry about that. I misconstrued your point a bit. I thought you were stating the opposite.


@Truth_Of_Pisces no apologies needed! I probably could’ve worded it a little better.

I’m surprised at how some put the Cartoon Network Teen Titans on a pedestal. I completely understand why (nostalgia, etc) but given the level of hate that was lobbed it’s way when it debuted (and it got dragged through the ring pretty severely unfortunately), it’s a surprising thing to see now.

I think there are good Teen Titans adaptations. The Filmation Teen Titans nailed the looks of the characters (sure, the writing and animation were a bit iffy, but that’s just part of their charm). My favorite TT adaptations are the appearances of various Titans characters in Young Justice and the Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract movies.

I would love to see a TT show set in the Young Justice universe. Some of the pieces already exist, now we just need a board to put them on.


Heh, you need to get out of my head, Vroom.

I feel the same way pretty much as you do on most topics in this thread (the Filmation cartoons did screw up the color scheme on Wally’s costume though). The Cartoon Network TT series was merely ‘okay’ to me; it had some great episodes and some awful episodes and I too am surprised by the level of fondness some folks have for it after its initial reception. It certainly never became the show I’d hoped for.

Also, the cold open for Judas Contract (with Wally!) was sublime.

But in the end, Young Justice is the Teen Titans show I’ve always wanted. Perfect in every way, and the model of what I’d wish for in every DC animated production from here to eternity.


You’re right! Filmation did goof up Wally’s togs. Thanks for the correction. I have no idea why they gave Flash yellow gloves in his shorts and the JLA 'uns. To complement his boots? He looks like he’s wearing dishwashing gloves. Oh well. Filmation still rocks.


I didn’t really enjoy the early 2000s cartoon. Cyborg wasn’t the tortured character I know him as. Starfire was more cute then the alien bombshell I am used to. It was too kid friendly for me.

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You’re right. The issue here is nobody will stop looking past the changes they made to the character of the Titans. It is what it is.

I think Titans is pretty good. Dick Grayson steals the show, though. I never really was into Nightwing in the Comics or anything. I never realized the potential.

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