Why the rotation?

I love this whole DC subscription service, I just don’t understand why books get taken out of rotation? Wouldn’t a larger library be more of a draw than a ‘Hurry and read this before it goes away’?
I like to read large runs of books while jumping over to other comics, but it seems like if I don’t rush I’m going to lose out. You have a large digital look library for sale over at other sites, why not move a bunch over here for your loyal subscribers?
Thanks for listening. What does everybody else think?


This is what I’ve noticed about the comic sections, they either have:

a.) Books that are curated to promote the shows on the app or whatever DC property is currently trending in film or television
b.) Books that were not as popular or made all the money they’re most likely going to make

For example, they have the entire run of New 52 Savage Hawkman up here. Savage Hawkman was not a very popular series. It only ran for two years and was collected into two volumes. That series is probably not making a ton of money on trades or even digital sales, so they can afford to have it up here for a period of time. On the flipside, the New 52 run of Batman was wildly successful and still makes some money to this day, primarily from the Court of Owls storyline, which has come to be considered one of the best modern Batman stories, so if they can still make money off of it, they have no incentive to put more than a few issues up here if they decide to put any at all.


This. It sucks @kalel919 but DC is a business. Unfortunately, money is the way of things and DC has to make them ducats to provide content for us greedy nerds.

Really, the content is more enough to keep most busy and the rotations provides incentive to read things you may not have normally.


I wish I could English lol. I’m tired.

Really, the content is more than enough to keep most busy and the rotation provides incentive to read things you may not have normally.


The content is terrible. Mark’s service is so much better! I guess DC is going to lose in this space as well. Too bad, I was really looking forward to reading DEc offerings.


Do you really love it?

You like having almost no real movies but old Superman movies you can get in the discount bin for $4? Having single issues of comics with almost no series. When there is a series you have to rush and read it before it’s gone.

We paid for this service. They aren’t living up to a worthwhile service. We don’t have to pretend it’s ok. It’s not. We’re getting ripped off and they should be ashamed of it


I don’t have a problem with how they do things, and I don’t think I am getting ripped off. I respect you do but I am sick of people who when someone has a different opinion counters with “You are lying and/or you work for DC clearly, because how else could you have a different opinion then I do!”

I have read the equivalent of hundreds worth of trades so far and watched almost 100 bucks worth of DVD’s in the three months I have been here. So how am I being ripped off, especially when going in they listed the entire list of movies they had, mentioned Titans being weekly updated and the comics being 2500-3000 and curated on this side. And they also made us able to view the catalog of what was here to see what the exact comics were before signing up, and gave me a free week. I knew all of this and still agreed to come on, and I made sure I had ample time the week I signed so I could cancel if I didn’t like it, but didn’t cancel because I did like it.

So how am I being ripped off and am in denial. I am sorry people expected everything DC had in movies, TV and comics (and somehow thought 8 bucks a month was what that would realistically go for) and then after failing to notice before they never promised that, didn’t leave during the free week when their assumption turned out to not be true. But if people didn’t look into what was readily availiable to tell them what was on here and then didn’t cancel during the free week designed for just that purpose, then it is on them if they are still here and feel ripped off.

Yes, if people don’t like it then speak with their wallets and cancel, which probably sends more of a message than any forum complaints ever will. But I don’t buy this, “they tricked us by not giving us what we wrongly assumed would be here because we didn’t pay attention, and then ripped us off by not canceling in the time we were given to cancel if we were unhappy”.

No one should be ashamed of giving you literally exactly what they openly said you would get.


@Licentious yes. I really do love this service for many reasons I don’t feel the need to explain. In the end, all that really matters is whether not it brings a little joy or happiness into your life regardless of how others feel about it.

Plus, it’s really not that pricey. $8 is the price of a mildly expensive fast food meal. A meal. One.

That’s two single issues of current comics at $3.99. About 50 pages of story (if you are lucky).

On Amazon, you could buy four episodes of Batman: the Animated Series at $1.99 a piece.

The economics makes sense to me shrug but I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. If you like it, great. If not, check back in a few months and see if it’s more to your liking =)


Those “old” Superman movies are “real movies”.


Consider this. For myself I don’t really have any body to chat about comics with. So to me this is like Twitter for comic book fans. I am loving the book club on here we just finished a 5 book mini run of Vixen. On Monday we will start a new book and have a spoilery discussion about it over the weekend. It’s great!
Now I also enjoy bouncing around in and out of stories. I get what you’re saying . Heck I was reading Vixen on here and defenders on marvel unlimited. I’m also in the middle of a red robin series and I just downloaded the first 2 books in what looks like a massive run of hawkman because I found another thread that is pretty much turning into a hawkman discussion. And it looks like it’s going to be a real bad ass story. I know nothing about hawkman. I’m so excited.
Maybe we should start a marvel thread? Try getting in on the conversation. we are all here because we like maybe even love comics. Here a few suggestions. arkham asylum living hell 6 books. Red robin 27 books I think. Batgirl year one 9 books. And hawkman he has a TON of books.
I will book mark this thread . Let me know if ya wanna talk comics. That’s what I think makes this site special.