Why SWAMP THING's "Rite of Spring" Is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Comic

“Romance has long been a pillar of what humanizes the heroes we love, and “Rite of Spring” is an exercise in how that can still work even when our protagonist is made of plants, flowers, and elemental magic. Though DC couples like Clark and Lois or Bruce and Selina might be more well known, Swamp Thing and Abby have their own special kind of relationship which plays on a “Beauty and the Beast”-style trope…It’s a romance that works against the odds between creature and human, and it’s all the more special for it.”

Read the entire article on what makes Alan Moore’s depiction of the first union between Swamp Thing and Abby Arcane a stand-out romance for the ages by following the link below, or finding the article in our News section:

Can you think of an issue that rivals “Rite of Spring” for the perfect Valentine’s Day comic? Or maybe you agree, and can share with us your in itial thoughts and feelings when you experienced this issue for the first time. Let us know in the comments below!


I read it when it came out originally. It was deeply affecting but also disturbing, hallucinogens not being something I’ve ever approved of, and that being the story’s baseline literal level. That aside, it is one great read.

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I’ve never read it before. Reading this article makes me want to though. Alot of good insight, a well though out assertion with good points. Sounds like it would be a really interesting read in general.

I have read it, twice now. Once, years ago, and I reread it recently in anticipation of the new TV version on this platform. I am not a fan of the “elemental” re-imagining of Swampy 's tale that Alan Moore is so famous for. I think I may be in the minority when I say this. I greatly preferred the original Len Wein concept of the character. He was a sympathetic, relatable, tragic creature I rooted for. This "elemental " esoteric, god-like thing is completely unfathomable and equally unrelatable, except for this one moment, when he shares himself, literally, with Abby.

I stopped reading new Swampy stories after that. I hated the new direction, and still do. I hope the new TV series doesn’t get too mired down in that characterization.

The link didn’t work if anyone else is having trouble finding it It is at