why no Batwoman pic?

Why is the news one (or more) days behind? The pic for Batwoman came out today, but it didn’t make DC Daily.

This just seems strange to me, and it’s not the first time. C’mon…break some news on DC Daily to make it relevant. There were no other real headlines today.


I get the impression that Daily is filmed a day in advance and thus some news not being fresh. I bet tomorrow’s episode will have it and they’ll act like it’s new because for them it was.

A news article should definetly be up though

Is the new DC Daily up? I don’t see it yet. I am a wee bit surprised they didn’t jump right on that.

I think they film it either early the day of or a a full day in advance, so they might be a bit slow on the uptake.

If you’re not going to be staying “current”, then just call it DC news. Or maybe have a sidebar in the news section that has a live stream of all the official DC social pages. That way it’s like a running “Breaking/ Daily News” spot that they don’t have to worry about creating the update themselves.

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The thing is that they knew the Batwoman pic would drop today. Even if they film a day in advance, they would still have the knowledge that the news is dropping. Instead they let all of the other news outlets have the scoop. They would rather Twitter see it first. DC Daily could be a draw for people to sign up to receive exclusive headlines first, but instead it’s just a wasted opportunity.

You can’t expect a pre recorded 20 minute daily news show released every evening to be like the tmz of the dc universe

I don’t know what you guys are talking about? I just watched today’s DC Daily and they had the pic of Batwoman that was revealed today, I think you guys jumped the gun with these comments especially since I saw this thread posted before DC Daily was even up on the app today.

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Uh… check out today’s episode guys. They were on it on DCDaily


It was on DC Daily…a day late. DC puts it out! They know when it’s being released because they’re doing it! They have the photo! This is not rocket surgery.

ambushbug… DC the company didn’t release the image, that was the CW Network . They’re all owned by Warner Bros, but there are million divisions and different publicity departments. There is coordination for sure, but not everything is happening in the same room.

It wasn’t a day late, you’re confused. The same day the photo was revealed it was shown on that episode of DC Daily. DC Daily typically shows on the app after 6pm EST so if you were watching earlier you were probably watching the episode from the previous day.