Why Isn't "Reign..." on This Site Already?


This is DC’s subscription-based streaming site, and they don’t have their own movie available to us before other streaming services? I kinda thought buying into this for ANOTHER 8 bucks a month would give me access to all the new DC stuff as it came out.

Kind of…disappointing.

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It was announced that Reign of the Supermen will be on the site in cadence with the blu-ray release on January 29th :slight_smile:


The Blu-ray release was moved up to January 15th along with the digital release and limited theatrical release.

@Dannie.Charania, I’m afraid that’s not accurate. January 29th remains the date of the blu-ray release.


I agree 100% I should not have to wait while amazon and other streams can get it right now. Same with the theater movie releases apparently DC Universe will be the last to have them

Except on other sites you need to purchase it. Rental doesn’t kick in until the 29th with the blu ray release. So if you wanna drop $19.99 for a digital copy, knock yourself out. Besides that, we wait.


What a surprise, another casual that doesn’t know any better.