Why isnt D.C. using the other lantern corps?

Does anyone have any information on when Grant Morrison will be ending his run and if they will use characters from other lantern corps in the future? I cant seem to find any information on this topic anywhere!

I think that was the arrangement between Morrison and DC . That there would be only one Green Lantern title while is was writing the book

I gave up on his run on GL and this is coming from a guy who is a pretty big GL Hal Jordan fan

I wonder how many people buy but have difficulty reading this comic.

I have to spend a hour per issue and sometimes have to look at older issues increasing the time to read through.

My guess is that they felt with previous runs that they had a lot of focus on the other lantern corps and they wanted to put a little more focus on the regular Lanterns for a bit. I would imagine we’ll probably get a regular GLC book sooner or later and the next person who takes over the main GL title will do more with them.

I’m really okay with not having the other Lantern Corps. It was cool when it was first introduced, and it seemed like a pretty natural evolution of the mythos, but as it’s gone on it just becomes more and more grating, as it seems like there are only one or two stories you can tell with them. As for Morrison’s current GL run, I love it. That said, of course, I just love Morrison. I think after at least a decade of expanding the lore to greater and greater size, a back-to-basics approach was the smartest move.

Haven’t been reading the current run, but the other corps made the whole thing about inter-corps politics, which feels like just a big distraction from the various GLs actually doing their jobs as awesome glowy space cops. I’m not saying do away with the other corps, but they should be just part of the roster of rogues and allies a given GL can encounter, not the be-all-end-all of the franchise.

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I’m not current with Morrison’s GL, I’m waiting for it to show up here on DCU. But with that said, I’m actually glad to hear that they are not using the other corps. The color spectrum was originally an awesome idea from Geoff Johns, but really got hammered into the ground after several years.

I think the other corps will feel special again after they’ve been gone for a while.

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I’d like to see some focus on individuals in other Corps. I’ve always liked Carol and think she’s drastically under used. Her life on earth is different from a lot of other characters, as is her relationship with her power source. Some books show and talk about her great capacity for love and her understanding or the emotion, while others only focus on her romance with Hal. I mean, Wonder Woman had a story where the Star Sappires sought her out because Carol was ‘unavailable’ or whatnot… why skip out on a teamup? Sheesh… Anyway, I think exploring the different facets and types of love could be interesting for a character literally powered by the emotion and could send a positive message that all those types of love are powerful, that love isn’t selfish and doesn’t have to be returned the same way to make a person stronger - it’s the act of caring that is powerful. Also, I think it’s important to show that a person can be romantically in love and still be independent and an awesome hero.

One aspect I liked in New Guardians was the team of different Corps members all bringing different perspectives and power based to the table - and splash pages got to be super colorful. :slight_smile: