Why isn’t arrow verse on here

Why isn’t the arrow verse on this and will it be added. I am somewhat aware there are the Netflix contracts but after those end will they be added to here.

I doubt it’s as easy as waiting for a contract to expire and putting it on this platform the next day. WB/DC has to decide which platform will garner the most profit for having these shows. We, the fans of subscribers of this service would definitely love it, but are our numbers and the price of admission to this service enough to justify the cost of having them all on this very niche platform. Granted it would probably increase subscriber numbers for sure, but at the end of the day, it’s about money. Those shows made a lot of money for WB/DC by being on Netflix. They might decide to let Hulu or Prime have them for a bit to continue making more money.

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When it comes to available content, promises can’t be made on what could be or will be made available due to a variety of reasons, including legal, but either way, as we’re always interested in knowing what the community would like to see, I’ll be sure to let the team know you’re interested :slight_smile: