Why is there a lock once you get to a certain episode on Young Justice? And How do I unlock it?

Same as title lol

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Well they do say “Young Justice: Outsiders will return Summer 2019”… so… that’s why.


Ah okay

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It will be soon now though!


July 2nd in fact

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Should be next month, or maybe they switched it to July.

Thanks for helping out with your answers, everyone! :slight_smile: Only a little longer to wait, @Bluee! :slight_smile:

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Just imagine what Veruca Salt would say: “Daddy, I want the second half of Young Justice season 3 and I want it NOW!”

Daddy: “Sweetheart, it’s not available yet.”

VS: “But I want IT!”

Just a random thing for fun :slight_smile:


thats funny Vroom…that reminded me of one of the drama camps my parents enrolled me in years and years ago…the play was Charlie and the chocolate factory…and I played the roll of…

drum roll

Veruca’s Dad lmaoo

Deku only the greatest actors are tapped to play Veronica’s dad.


It’s called Anticipatory Anxiety.
Fishermen get it all the time.
They sit there all day, looking at a bobber…waiting…waiting…Anticipatory Anxiety. it drives 'em nuts!

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msgtv its funny cuz if I remember correctly, I was actually shooting to get the role of Willy Wonka lmaoo

@deku_ You wanted that role for the sweets, eh? It’s okay. We all like candy.

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July 2nd is when it returns they’ve said it multiple times